Zoho Books Review

Zoho Books Review [Pricing, Comparisons & Alternatives 2022]

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Zoho Books Review

With more than 50 million users around the world, Zoho is a leading software company that offers different products for business, financial, and customer management. There are more than 40 applications available in only one account. To boost ease of use, Zoho Books integration helps you get an overview of your business’ health and improve the decision-making process. 

Onto our Zoho Books review!

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Zoho Books

What Is Zoho Books?

Zoho Books software is an online accounting solution that helps you manage your business, invoices, customers, and expenses, among others. The platform allows for easy monitoring and bank account reconciliation, smooth transactions, and even allows you to collaborate with your accountant.

By streamlining all the basic accounting tasks, you can always stay on top of your business and make better decisions, saving money, and eliminating all compliance concerns. 

Zoho Books Logo

How To Use Zoho Books? Zoho Books Features

How does Zoho Books work? There are several features that make Zoho Books an excellent choice. Its payment function allows you to set up reminders that are automatically sent to your customers via email, and even create different messages to be sent simultaneously.

If you have a payment processor, you can connect it to Zoho Books and process quick online payments. Some of the compatible payment services are Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, and Square. 

Furthermore, Zoho Books can be used to schedule reports that are created automatically on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly basis, and sent straight to your email inbox as PDFs, XLSs, or CSVs.

For example, you can schedule a weekly overview report that shows you the overall business performance with indicators regarding your revenues and expenses, active projects, cash flow, and others.

The software supports more than 40 different reports, including sales by item, profit, and loss, general ledger, aged receivables, and payables, timesheet. 

Another great feature of Zoho Books is the mobile app that is available for Windows, iOS, or Android phones. It can be used to check on your business on-the-go, including invoice generation, capturing receipts, check reports, and even record your expenses, regardless of where you are. 

The bank feed is updated daily by Zoho due to the smart connection to your business accounts. If you need to verify recent transactions, all you need to do is refresh the bank feed, but this can only be done once per day. 

Another unique feature of Zoho Books that makes it stand out from its competitors is the client portal. This section allows your customers to view invoices and make their payments online. On your end, you can send estimates and quotes, and even discuss with your clients directly, without having to switch to email, phone, or text.

Also, the software alerts you automatically when your customers make a payment, accept or declines the estimates, or views an invoice. 

To access Zoho Books, go to Zoho login here, or start your free trial here.

Is Zoho Books Free?

The valuable features offered by Zoho Books are not free; however, they provide a free 14-day trial if you want to check their software before committing to one of their subscription plans. You do not need to share your credit card information unless you decide to purchase one of their options.  

Pricing & Fees

How much does Zoho Books cost? How much is Zoho Books per month?

Zoho books pricing:

There are three plans offered by Zoho Books at highly competitive rates. The Basic Plan is $9 per month and comes with 50 contacts, an accountant and one user, and five automated workflows. The main features include expense tracking, invoices, timesheets, projects, and budgeting tools. 

The Standard Plan is $19 per month and comes with higher limits: 500 contacts, 2 users and an accountant, and 10 automated workflows per module. Also, you can add bills, report tags, vendor credits, and it allows you to automate SMS texts to your clients through the integration with Twilio. 

The Professional Plan is priced at $29 per month and offers unlimited contacts and users. You also benefit from 10 automated workflows per module, sales and purchase orders, and even inventory tracking. 

Regardless of the plans you use, you can also customize them to your needs by purchasing add-ons:

  • Additional users are $2 per month or $20 per year
  • Snail mail is $2 for one credit, which allows Zoho to mail hard copies of estimates or invoices to your customers; domestic clients cost one credit, while international ones need two credits
  • A bundle of 50 auto-scans per month cost $5 per month or $50 annually; this feature automatically scans documents when you upload them, extracting the data in order to create new transactions automatically 

What About Payroll?

Does Zoho Books do payroll? Zoho offers payroll services that can automatically calculate wages, deductions, taxes, and even sends out the payslips, apart from other related activities. A great benefit is that Zoho Payroll is integrated with Zoho Books, so the whole system is synced.

For example, all tax liabilities and payroll expenses are automatically recorded in the relevant expense and liability accounts, and also show up on your profit and loss report. 

Accountant Access

Zoho Books Accountant access is available by following these steps:

To add your Accountant role:

  • Go to “settings”, then “users and roles”
  • Then go to the “roles” tab
  • Then click on “new role”
  • Now enable “This role is for accountant users”
  • Next, set the permissions, then click “save”

Zoho Books Training

Zoho offers a 3-day training program for:

  • Chartered accountants
  • Auditors
  • Accountants
  • Individuals with an accountancy background
  • Business owners

Customer Service

You can contact Zoho Books support by dialing 1 (888) 900-9646 24 hours per day from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you may also chat with an agent or send them an email using the online forms. Their website also boasts an extensive FAQ section. 

Zoho Books Alternative

Alternative to Zoho Books

Zoho Books alternative software:

Zoho Books Vs Freshbooks

Freshbooks is slightly ahead of Zoho Books, especially if you are a new business owner because it has a more straightforward interface with powerful bookkeeping features. Nonetheless, Zoho is ideal, especially if you are interested in using all of their other applications. 

Zoho Books Vs Xero

Xero is a good alternative, especially if you need unlimited invoice options. Zoho Books is superior to Xero due to its more detailed reporting, among others. 

Zoho Books Vs Quickbooks

Zoho Quickbooks comparison:

Zoho Books is a strong competitor when it comes to QuickBooks, especially considering the pricing. QuickBooks is great for its advanced features and numerous integrations, while Zoho Books is an excellent choice for businesses in need of an affordable solution with strong apps, outstanding customer support, and easy to use features. 

Zoho Books Review Summary

All in all, Zoho Books is not only affordable but also a complex business solution in terms of apps and features. Although payroll support and invoicing are quite limited, the software is worth considering if you have a small business. For larger companies, a more advanced accounting solution could be a better decision. 

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