Work From Home Jobs That Are Legit

Work From Home Jobs That Are Legit [2021]

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Work From Home Jobs That Are Legit

Remote working, or working from home, may be the future of work.

In fact, a survey completed in April of 2020 indicated that 34 percent of Americans currently employed at that time were working at home.

The coronavirus, with its lockdowns and social distancing rules, is definitely accelerating the remote work trend.

However, even when the virus eventually subsides, you can expect to see more and more employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs working from home.

If you’re unemployed right now or are just unsatisfied with your current work situation, do not worry. There are ample opportunities to work remotely in a wide variety of different professions.

Are work from home jobs legit? Yes, they are! Here are ten great work from home jobs worth considering.

Work From Home Jobs

Work From Home Jobs That Are Legit

In the next sections, we will walk through the best jobs to work from home that are legit.

1. Consulting

If you have expertise and accreditations in your current job, you can use them to work from home as a consultant. Consultants use their knowledge and experience to help other organizations solve problems or improve their business practices. Many consultants also help companies implement new software or systems as well. Working from home as a consultant, with your low overhead and capacity to meet clients’ needs at any time, could be a great and lucrative gig if you’re tired of your office job.

Online Consulting Jobs: UpWork, FreelancerFlexJobs, PeoplePerHourIndeed, Online Jobs, Toptal 

2. Web and Computer Specialists

If you have current expertise in the areas of web development or computer support, you are in an excellent position to begin a career working from home. These jobs are in high demand to start with since websites, computers, and computer programming are a critical part of most businesses’, nonprofits,’ and governments’ daily operations. Additionally, since much of this work is done remotely, it is a perfect fit for a work from home business.

Web Development and Computer Support Jobs Online: UpWork, FreelancerFlexJobs, PeoplePerHourIndeed, Online Jobs, Toptal 

3. Teacher

If you have kids, chances are you watched them finish out their spring semester in some sort of online distance learning program. If you are a teacher now or have the inclination to become one, you could work from home as an educator. Remote and online teaching is a rapidly growing industry, with universities and training certification programs constantly searching for teachers to run their virtual classrooms. You could either work from home for one of these major online universities or skill training institutes or serve as a tutor for students in brick and mortar schools who are struggling with a tough subject.

Online Teaching Jobs: Prof360, OutschoolTeachawayVIPKidTeachableSkillshareK12QuickStart

Online Tutor Jobs: PreplyTakeLessons, AITutor, EssayPro

Teach A Language Jobs: italki

4. Freelance Writer

With the proliferation of websites, social media, and email marketing, freelance writers who can provide consistent, original content are in high demand. If you write well and can put Google to work researching a broad array of topics, you could work from home as a freelance writer. Thanks to the internet, this is another work from home job where you can completely go it alone and work completely on your own, too. There are innovative online platforms, such as Upwork and Fiverr, that have created great markets for freelance writers to connect with clients and earn a living from home.

Freelance Writing Jobs Online: UpWork, FreelancerFlexJobs, PeoplePerHourIndeed, Online Jobs, ToptalFiverr

Editing Jobs Online: Scribendi

5. Graphic Designer

Much like freelance writing, graphic design is a field that is especially suited for working from home. If you are a graphic designer, you could easily support clients remotely, identifying their requirements, creating the graphic design, or other visual information they needed,  then finalizing their product from the comfort of your own home. If you weren’t working remotely for a company specializing in graphic design, you could also freelance from home using many of the same online platforms that writers use as well.

Online Graphic Design Jobs: 99designs, Design Pickle, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Toptal, FreelancerFlocksyIndeed, Boonle, DesignHill, Online JobsFlexJobs, 48hourslogo.

6. Social Media Manager

With 90 percent of companies using social media for marketing and consumer outreach, managing social media presence is more important than ever. If you are a digital native who feels extremely comfortable on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, you could work from home as a social media manager. Companies often hire people to oversee the production and placement of content on their social media platforms. You could work exclusively for a single company managing their social media content, or provide these services for multiple businesses, nonprofits or even local and state governments.

Social Media Jobs Online: UpWork, FreelancerFlexJobs, PeoplePerHourIndeed, Online Jobs, Toptal, Fiverr

7. Data Entry Specialist

Are work from home data entry jobs legit? Absolutely! If you’re looking to rapidly transition from an office job to work from home, you could consider working in the field of data entry. Data entry normally involves transcribing written records, such as receipts, medical reports, and legal documents, into a computer system. This is a broad category, with workers performing data entry tasks in a wide range of work fields. Increasingly, however, many companies either outsource data entry or seek to reduce costs by having their data entry specialists work from home. While some data entry fields require experience and certifications, many are entry-level and could help facilitate a quick transition to allow you to work from home.

Data Entry Jobs Online: UpWork, FreelancerFlexJobs, PeoplePerHourIndeed, Online Jobs, Toptal, Fiverr 

8. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help executives, business owners, or offices with routine tasks, such as scheduling travel, planning meetings, sending emails, taking notes, and executing purchase orders. If you are highly organized and adept with online office tools, this could be a great career field to enter, and it would enable you to work full time from home. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the use and importance of virtual assistants to support remote work activities. If you’re already an office assistant at your current place of work, you could request to perform your duties from home. Alternatively, you could find a new virtual assistant position on one of the aforementioned freelancing platforms, or other job sites as well.

Virtual Assistant Jobs Online: UpWork, FreelancerFlexJobs, PeoplePerHourIndeed, Online Jobs, Toptal, Fiverr

9. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives provide assistance to customers who have problems with a company’s products or services or have questions they need answering. Increasingly, companies are either outsourcing these services to freelancers or specialty firms or having their customer service reps work remotely to cut costs and stay lean. So, it is easy to find a customer service representative job these days that will allow you to work from home. Remote customer service representatives may answer telephone calls to deal with customers’ issues over the phone; they may also work in online chat rooms or respond to emails as well. If you’re ready to transition to ANY work from home job you can find right now, this is a great field to consider.

Customer Service Jobs Online: UpWork, FreelancerFlexJobs, PeoplePerHourIndeed, Online Jobs, Toptal, Fiverr

10. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping, the management of an organization’s financial records, is another field that companies, nonprofits, and governments increasingly outsource in order to keep overhead low. If you are an accountant or have bookkeeping skills, you could easily transition from an office job to working remotely from home. If you have less experience in this field but are interested in working remotely as a bookkeeper, there is a wide array of training courses available online or at your local community colleges as well.

Bookkeeping Jobs Online: UpWork, FreelancerFlexJobs, PeoplePerHourIndeed, Online Jobs, Toptal, Fiverr

Parting Thoughts: Leave the Office Behind

Remote workers are an increasingly important part of the American workforce. The ten jobs discussed here all are great careers that would allow you to work full time from home or enjoy a lucrative side hustle. So, if you’re ready to leave your office job behind forever, take a look at the ten jobs listed here, and find a career field that would enable you to work from home today.


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