Trust & Will Review

Trust & Will Review 2022 [Pros, Cons, & Compare]

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Trust & Will Review

Have you ever thought about getting a will done? Maybe you thought about getting both a trust and a will done? Maybe you don’t know what either of these things are and that’s okay. The Trust & Will company gives you all the tools you need to get started and complete these important legal documents. Once you are able to figure out what these two documents are, what they do, and how they can influence your future, you will be able to decide when and how to create trusts and wills that secure your assets and financial future. Let’s take a closer look at Trust & Will to see if its features will work for you.

Onto our Trust & Will review.

Services Offered

This Trust & Will review will discuss the following services below.

What is Trust & Will?

Trust & Will is an online platform that provides users with all the information they need to know in order to create the right Trust & Will for their families, based on their personal financial situations. It explains exactly what trusts and wills are, how they apply to different financial situations, and then walks users through how to create them step by step.

Is Trust and Will a legit company?

Yes, Trust and Will company is an entirely legit company offering its services across the United States. 

How Does Trust & Will Work?

Trust & Will works to make creating these very important yet complex documents extremely simple and straightforward. With this site, you can create a trust, a will, or name a guardian for your children. These are all things that are often put off but are needed to be addressed. The site guides you step by step on how the process works so that there is no confusion. If you get lost in the process of creating these documents or are unsure of how to proceed, there is customer support available to you at any time to answer any questions that you may have. 

Trust & Will Features

Trust & Will helps users create documents that are not pleasant to talk about and that we would rather avoid thinking about; what to do in case a user dies or is incapacitated. Nonetheless, these are extremely important matters, and the platform does an excellent job of walking users through each of these documents’ purposes, as well as the step-by-step creation of them. Here is an overview of the key features that Trust & Will provides users in document creation. 

  • Trust Creation: With Trust & Will, you have the ability to create your trust directly through their site. If you are seeking to ensure your financial assets are secure, the trusts you can create through this platform are extremely helpful. The trusts on this platform enable users to nominate guardians, create asset distribution plans, determine how they want their assets disposed of, identify who will make any future medical determinations, and more. It also includes: a revocable living trust, schedule of assets, last will, living will, power of attorney, and certification. 
  • Will: The wills users can create on Trust & Will are comprehensive and clear. The wills that users create specify where and to who their assets will go, along with who will have custody of any minor children upon their death. Some of the benefits of this type of document include: appointing who will determine your affairs, distribution of money, and who would make medical decisions for you. It includes a: last will, living will, and power of attorney. 
  • Guardianship: Users can also use Trust & Will to create guardianship documents. These documents provide information on who will have legal custody of and responsibility for your minor children should the need arise. This is an important document to have as it will help guide and protect your children in the event of a user’s untimely death or medical incapacitation.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that the site offers to make the lives of the clients using it better:

  • Document Review: The site helps users ensure that they have included everything needed to complete each document correctly. 
  • Attorney Support: Users are also offered attorney support from the site as required; this is extremely helpful when users have any special circumstances where legal clarification will help in the drafting of any of these critical documents. 
  • Share Access: The platform enables users to share copies of the documents they create with other people who may need to have a copy of it, such as an attorney, executor of a will, etc. 
  • Customer Support: Trust & Will has outstanding customer support; their highly professional customer support team is there to answer any questions that you may have about any part of the process.
Trust & Will Logo

Trust & Will Reviews & Complaints

The platform also has an A* rating with the Better Business Bureau, indicating that it is a trustworthy company and that users have confidence in the site and like its features. The benefits that the users like on the site are extensive. Similarly, on Trustpilot, Trust & Will has a 5-Star rating after over 2,300 reviews, which is considered excellent. 90% of the Trust & Will reviews on Trustpilot gave the platform five stars, often citing its ease of use and excellent customer support. 

Trust & Will Pros & Cons

Here are some of the key pros and cons for Trust & Will you should consider: 


  • Document Options: There are many document options available to you no matter what your needs are. Whether you are looking for something extensive and complex or something simple, Trust & Will has you covered.
  • Technology: As a website offering this service to their clients, they have all the technology that you could possibly need to have thorough documents available to those consumers. 
  • Ability To Handle Complex Situations: With any sort of legal document, there will always be complex situations that could potentially arise as a result of it. It is important to have people and support available should these arise, and Trust & Will does just that.


  • Cannot Handle Complexity Well: Trust & Will is clearly made for people with simple personal and financial situations. If you have assets with multiple owners or partners, or minor children with different spouses, you will definitely want to pay for more dedicated legal support to help you navigate trust, will, and guardianship issues.  
  • Cost: Even though the cost of a Will & Trust through the site costs less than some of its key competitors, Trust & Will pricing is still expensive; people who cannot afford the pricing may want to seek free or affordable legal services in their own communities if they want advice on drafting these or other important legal documents. 

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Trust and Will Pricing

How much does a trust and will cost? Trust & Will pricing is categorized into Individual and Couple.

Individual Pricing:

Trust: $599

Will: $159

Guardian: $39

Couple Pricing:

Trust: $699

Will: $259

Guardian: $69

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

Our Trust & Will review looks at the most frequently asked questions.

Is Trust and Will legit?

Trust & Will is a reliable source for creating these documents. They are completely legitimate and can be used if ever needed. 

Can anyone from any state use Trust & Will?

Yes, Trust & Will offers formats to fit the laws of all 50 states. It follows all the laws and conditions that each state requires of them. 

Do I need a will if I just got married?

It is always a good idea to update your documents after a major life event occurs. This includes marriage, birth, or death. All of these things can affect how your documents are seen. 

Will my documents always remain intact?

Even if Trust & Will are not around anymore, your documents will still be valid. Once they are created, they cannot be destroyed unless there is a change made to them.

How do I decide which one is right for me and my family?

You will have to take into consideration what each does, how that is changed, and what you have that you want to dictate where it goes once you have passed away. It is ultimately up to you which you decide to go with. 

Trust & Will Alternatives

There are several places where you can get these kinds of documents done. Some may even work better for you than Trust & Will. So, take some time, do your research, and decide which route you would like to go when creating these documents. 

Here are some of the alternatives to Trust & Will online services:

  • Rocket Lawyer: Rocket Lawyer offers many of the same will and other personal legal document services that Trust & Will offers, along with other types of legal services and advice, including for commercial businesses. 
  • Quicken WillMaker: Quicken WillMaker is another platform you can use to create wills and trusts online. 
  • Local Attorney: When all else fails, you can also seek out a local attorney to assist you with creating these documents as well. 

Parting Thoughts

Trust & Will provides you with the easiest and most straightforward approach to creating important legal documents to safeguard your financial assets and determine the disposition of your assets in the event of your death. If you can afford the cost of Trust & Will and have a straightforward personal and financial situation, the platform’s resources and support can be invaluable. If you haven’t yet created any of these documents, this platform can be a great start in gaining a better understanding of them; it can also be a trustworthy partner in their creation as well.   

Check Out Trust & Will

Head to the Trust & Will website and find out if they are the right fit for your needs.


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