SuperMoney Review

SuperMoney Review [Is SuperMoney legit? 2022]

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SuperMoney Review

Millions of Americans are absolutely buried in debt and struggling to get out of it. In fact, the average American household now carries over $50,000 in debt. It can be really difficult to pay off that debt, and with the interest constantly stacking up into an imposing amount, it is no surprise people are soon overwhelmed by the debt load they are carrying. 

Fortunately, there are financial platforms that help refinance the loans with better terms and rates. With SuperMoney, you can obtain solutions to your financial situation easily and quickly with terms that fit your current employment status. SuperMoney can save you from having to spend hours shopping around for a company that is willing to work with you and can help you compare everything, from loans to credit cards.

There are no hidden charges on the platform and their offers are quite affordable for a wide range of people, making SuperMoney an increasingly popular site to work with. Nevertheless, this site isn’t perfect and does have some shortcomings. Let’s take a close look at SuperMoney so you can determine if it will be a good tool for you. 

Onto our SuperMoney review!

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SuperMoney Pros and Cons

Our SuperMoney review looks at the pros and cons of the platform.


  • Comparison Of Multiple Products: SuperMoney will allow you to look at several different types of loans and other lending instruments, and does a great job aggregating these products. 
  • Full Online Application: The SuperMoney marketplace is fully online, so you’ll be able to shop for as well as select lending products right on your computer, without ever having to enter a bank or other lending institution. 
  • Low Rates: Due to the number of products and services featured on the platform, it is easy to find a loan with terms that satisfies your needs and has competitive rates.  
  • Expert And Consumer Reviews: the portal has reviews from experts alongside personal reviews from customers. Although consumer reviews are a bit light for some products, they still form the basis of judgment for users while choosing products.
  • Educational Content: SuperMoney incorporates content into its platform, which can be really helpful for borrowers attempting to address high levels of debt. The expert guides and financial articles on SuperMoney are useful in determining the best type of loan and lender to work with. 
  • No Hard Credit Pull: Few platforms let you check your available interest rates without a credit pull. However, SuperMoney checks your eligibility for some financial services without affecting your credit score.
  • Users With A Wide Range Of Credit Ratings Are Accepted: Customers are introduced to loan options with reasonable credit score requirements thanks to the platform’s many partners.
  • Provide A No-fee Financing Platform For Small Businesses: SuperMoney provides no-fee point-of-sale financing options to help small businesses increase their purchasing power.


  • Not A Direct Financial Service Provider: SuperMoney is great, but it still is just an online financial comparison website. The platform only facilitates access to financial services rather than offer them in house. Upon making comparisons between different providers, you will need to visit the website of the selected provider to actually submit a loan application.
  • No Phone Contact: SuperMoney has no phone support. Phone support could have helped customers with an easy understanding of the platform and deal with any problems they encounter but there is no customer service line. Generally, there’s nothing by way of customer service.
  • Users’ Personal Information Is Required: SuperMoney will need your personal information, such as your Social Security number, in order to conduct a search.
SuperMoney Logo

About SuperMoney

SuperMoney is a financial comparison platform headquartered in Santa Ana, California. Aside from facilitating loans, the financial service company provides information on stock trading and insurance policies among several other services.

SuperMoney started as a personal finance blog where financial services were compared. It was started by Miron Lulic in 2013. In 2017, it transitioned to a search engine for financial product searches. The platform’s loan marketplace model enabled users not only to compare loan offers from different partners, but lodge an application, and get back a pre-approved loan in no time.

In 2018, SuperMoney added a student loan refinancing marketplace to the platform. This new addition allowed students who needed to refinance their student loans to obtain competing offers from lenders. That same year, SuperMoney added a point-of-sale lending platform to its website as well. The new service allowed merchants and service providers to obtain point of sale loans at no additional fee. However, fees are levied on the lending partners.

SuperMoney Features

SuperMoney is generally an aggregator website that allows for the comparison of financial products. The website offers tools to make that search easy as well as ensuring the right financial products and services are chosen given the deluge of partners available to meet your financial needs. The following are the features of it.

  • Marketplaces: The SuperMoney platform features hundreds of financial service companies. They are all placed in search categories that enable users to compare the services they offer. Within the tax relief division, customers can also make better decisions on the tax relief company to work with by considering the minimum cost, minimum tax debt required, and an average cost of the service.
  • Customized Results: By inputting additional details of the financial services you need, the platform generates results that align with your preference. Depending on the product, you will be asked some questions to better understand your request.
  • User Reviews: SuperMoney lets users place reviews on companies listed on the website. These reviews can be useful in choosing among a number of companies all ready to provide solutions to your financial needs. Customer reviews critique the slightest features of each financial company ensuring honest descriptions of each company are known.
  • Calculators: The SuperMoney platform has handy calculator functions that give users an idea of the repayment schedule and amount to expect in terms of monthly payments.
  • Content: SuperMoney not only matches clients with investors, but the financial service website also publishes content on topics ranging from credit cards, taxes, side hustles, to debt management. Having to choose a service provider that suits your financial need all alone can be challenging, so SuperMoney also has posted helpful online guides to assist users in making informed decisions. 

How SuperMoney Works

Normally, obtaining a loan that suits your financial needs will require an exhaustive search online. Once you actually finish that search, you will likely be required to fill out multiple applications with each of the lenders so that their rates, fees, and additional details can be determined.

Fortunately, you can avoid all of this hassle if you work with SuperMoney. The platform eliminates all of the tedium you face applying for loans by having you fill a single application. Typically, the search tool will request some details from you, like your intended loan amount and current credit score. The search application on SuperMoney will then provide a list of recommended lenders that suits your search.

Once the search is complete, the result is returned, and you’ve chosen a lender of choice, you will submit a formal application to these lenders. Proof of income and address are some of the information required during part of the process. The information obtained at this stage will be verified and a hard credit check will be made. This latter part of the application process is done on the lender website rather than on SuperMoney.

Loans are not the only services that SuperMoney facilitates, however. There are several types of other financial products and services that are searchable using its comparison tools. Additionally, you don’t have to always run a search to obtain information about an appropriate service provider on the platform. Instead, you can choose to tap on a product/services category listed on SuperMoney’s homepage and in the navigation menu. Selecting a category takes you to a new page where the comprehensive features of the product are detailed. Below the features and descriptions, recommended companies offering such product/service is displayed. Selecting a company at this point directs you to its website, where you’ll be able to submit an application for the company’s products or services

SuperMoney Alternatives

  • The Credit Review: This competitor, like SuperMoney, examines leading financial service companies and develops guidelines on loans, tax relief, payroll services, and other topics.
  • GM Financial: GM Financial offers appealing retail financing and lease plans to satisfy the needs of each consumer by establishing contact with car dealers in North America, South America, and Asia. Dealers can also take advantage of commercial loan options to help them finance and expand their businesses.
  • Prevent Loan Scams: Whether you need information on how to avoid loan modification scams, or how to repair your credit, Prevent Loan Scams was founded specifically to address these needs. Prevent Loan Scams does not provide financial services of any kind; instead, they monitor and report on the companies that do.
SuperMoney Reviews

SuperMoney Reviews & Complaints

The customer support of the platform is just barely average. The two social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter are seldomly updated by the company. However, contact could be established if messages are sent via email or with the live chat function on the site. Calls and SMS are however ruled out as there’s no phone support.

On TrustPilot, SuperMoney has a 97% score, which is considered excellent. Reviewers widely welcome the website’s uniqueness especially as it relates to its financial service search tools and products ratings. Some others are just delightful about the efficiency with which financial needs are settled according to the customized request of users.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

Is SuperMoney Legit?

Most yearly rates on display on the website start at 5.99% with the maximum being about 38%. This is considered fairly okay for the kinds of loans obtainable via the platform. SuperMoney is honest about the ratings and its no-fee-charge stand on most products. Besides, all transactions with service providers are off the website; instead, SuperMoney only provides users the platform for sourcing loans, credit cards, insurance, and related products. The service providers accepted on the site are subject to prior appraisal.

What Loan Amounts Would I Be Able To Get On SuperMoney?

Loan sums depend on the lender. At SuperMoney, loan amounts range from $150 to $300,000. The amount obtainable is determined by the borrower’s credit score, debt-to income ratio, income, and loan tenure. The estimated monthly installment on the loan can be calculated using the platform’s loan calculator

Will Using SuperMoney Affect My Credit Score?

An inquiry on the platform would soft pull your credit. SuperMoney’s soft credit draw has no effect on users’ credit scores and is not visible to potential lenders. However, claiming an offer through a formal application with a lender will result in a hard credit inquiry, and this affects your credit score. 

Is The Data Entered By Users On SuperMoney’s Website Secure?

SuperMoney, like other marketplaces and lending institutions, will share your personal information with its partners and affiliated companies; something you can prefer to opt out of at any time. If you choose to work with any of these lenders, all interaction will be handled by that financial institution rather than SuperMoney. These partners are reputable and have been in business for years. And to ensure your data is protected, they have security measures in place. 

Who owns SuperMoney?

SuperMoney is owned by founder and CEO, Miron Lulic.

SuperMoney Review Conclusion

SuperMoney might not be a direct financial service provider, however, its comparison platform has facilitated access to personal loans, mortgages, credit cards, tax relief, and the like for millions of users. By allowing the comparison of rates and terms, users are ultimately provided access to apply for the most inexpensive financial products and services available. While the platform itself definitely does have some drawbacks, if you are looking for an affordable loan, you should definitely check out SuperMoney. 


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