SAP Concur Review

SAP Concur Review [App, Solutions, Competitors & Pricing 2021]

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SAP Concur Review

SAP Concur is an American company specialized in expense and travel management services for a wide array of businesses.

SAP Concur headquarters are in Washington, United States. The software is one of the world’s leading providers of expense, travel, and invoice management solutions.

The next sections offer a detailed overview of SAP Concur solutions and for whom it is designed. 

Onto our SAP Concur review!

What Is SAP Concur?

In a nutshell, SAP Concur Solutions is more than a simple expense management system. It is one of the most powerful systems that allows businesses to organize and monitor their expenses in an efficient and timely manner while easing the process of claiming money back when needed. 

What Is SAP Concur Used For?

One of the best highlights of SAP Concur Solutions is that it comes with numerous features, so it is mainly used to eliminate manual expense reporting processes that can be extremely time-consuming for most businesses.

In other words, businesses use SAP Concur Solutions in order to simplify all the processes related to travel and expense management. 

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SAP Concur Review

SAP Concur Solutions is a cloud-based software that collects all expense-related data in only one location. It allows users to submit and then review all eligible expenses not only using computers but also through the SAP Concur app. This on-the-go approach is ideal for time restraints and extra convenience. 

The software allows users to create reports using different business charge points, such as hotels, airlines, or even restaurants, along with travel-related costs, including buses, taxis, and others. These can be used to gain a better understanding of employee expenses and identify trends. 

When dealing with numerous employees and their personal financial data, security is one of the main concerns. Concur reassures all of its users that they do not take this aspect lightly. 

In terms of performance, SAP Concur works as smoothly as your internet connection permits. There are also different SAP Concur integrations available, including Concur Detect, Concur Drive, Budget, and more.

In terms of external software, SAP Concur is compatible with QuickBooks, NetSuite,, Sage Intacct, Salesforce, Alexa for Business, Financial Services Cloud, and a few more.

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How to Use SAP Concur?

Ease of use is extremely important if you do not have extensive tech know-how, which is even more relevant for employees. Fortunately, SAP Concur solutions are as straightforward and intuitive as possible.

The interface is user-friendly and it even has a built-in assistant that will take you through all the necessary steps to submit expense claims. 

SAP Concur training videos are not a must due to its ease of use. Despite this, SAP Concur offers a very comprehensive and detailed guide that teaches you all the basics you need to operate the platform. 

If you want to get started easily, all you need to do is access the SAP Concur app on your mobile phone. The clean interface has several sections: a list of all your expenses, trips, approvals, expense reports, requests, and budgets.

To quickly add an expense, you must tap the camera icon located at the bottom of the screen and take a photo of the receipts. You may also manually correct receipts if needed. 

Users can add their mileage by entering the starting address and destination, using GPS, or allow the mobile app to track miles.

Once all expenses are done, you can create an expense report that can be created automatically by the Expense Assistant.

If there are any issues, the software will notify you, then you can submit the report for approval. Managers who need to approve these reports can also do it using their mobile phones. 

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How Much Does SAP Concur Cost?

The SAP Concur pricing plans are not as obvious as some people might expect. In fact, interested customers can only request a quote from SAP in order to get an estimate of their costs and then work their way through return on investment to check whether it is worthwhile for their business. 

It is important to understand that there are multiple services and functions that can be personalized and integrated into your version of Concur, so the pricing depends from business to business.

This can be an excellent feature from a financial perspective because it means that you will pay only for the functions that you really need. 

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Customer Service

Fortunately, SAP Concur Solutions is a well-designed platform so users will require little to no extra assistance from the SAP Concur customer service team.

There are numerous useful, easy-to-follow guides on the platform that examine most topics with impressive clarity on issues such as travel, invoicing, reporting, and even general setup of the software.

Once logged in, users have the opportunity to ask members of staff questions through a chat-like tool available on the SAP Concur interface. 

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SAP Concur Competitors

SAP Concur Competitors

SAP Concur VS Expensify

Expensify is one of the few competitors of SAP Concur Solutions and it starts at approximately $5 per user per month.

However, the ease of use of SAP concur remains unmatched, while integrations are also superior for SAP Concur.

Expensify has a somewhat steep learning curve, so it might not be an easy business solution for all employees.

One of the excellent features of Expensify is its high accuracy when it comes to reading scanned receipts. 

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SAP Concur VS Abacus

Another competitor is Abacus. Unlike SAP Concur, Abacus offers 24/7 live support to its users but also lacks the ease of use of SAP Concur.

It is approximately $9 per user per month and it has more limited features. While SAP Concur offers expense, travel, and invoicing management, Abacus only provides expense reports and spending management.

This could limit its functionality for some businesses. 

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All in all, SAP Concur Solutions is an easy-to-use expense and travel management system.

If you have a business with numerous employees, you can decrease the time spent on tedious tasks while managing all of your expenses with ease.

The package is extremely user-friendly, although pricing plans are not available unless you request a quote.

There are numerous integrations in the App center that will help you expand your capabilities to an optimal level for your needs. 

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