Odd Jobs Apps

Top 5 Odd Jobs Apps of 2022 [Online & In-Person]

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Odd Jobs Apps

If you are looking to make some extra spending money or maybe even pick up a part-time or full-time job, this article may be a great place to start. Sometimes people need odd jobs done for them, whether remotely or in person, and these requests pop up quickly on app platforms. Many apps can filter through jobs so that you can find part-time or full-time job apps.

Looking for odd jobs on apps can be a great place to see a lot of work in a short amount of time. When looking at odd job apps, you’ve heard of them before, but are they legitimate? This list will show you where to find odd job apps and covers five of the best odd job apps in 2022 that are entirely legitimate.

1) Lugg

If you are looking for odd jobs in your area and don’t mind putting in the work physically, Lugg might be a great place to apply. Lugg is a platform where people can request help to move their items from the home or office to a moving truck, home to home, home to storage, storage to house, store to home, or any other place imaginable.

Lugg can be accessed through the website or an app on a mobile phone. You can either register as a requester or a worker. The app will filter available hands for requesters who need help with odd jobs in the area moving items like heavy furniture. Lugg pays its workers through direct deposit, so there is little guesswork on the income portion.

This is an app that can be based on opportunity, and although there are alerts and notifications sent to nearby employees for Lugg, it is a first come, first served basis. This app is advised for beginners who don’t mind doing a little physical work.

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2) Jobble

Jobble advertises itself as one of the internet’s largest gig marketplaces for independent workers. It is available in browser mode and as a mobile app on your smart device. You can log in as a worker or a business requesting help on projects.

Employees through Jobble enjoy access to healthcare programs, finance management, discounts while shopping at various retailers, and handy education programs. These are great incentives to check out this app and to see if you have any skills that match the jobs requested on Jobble.

As long as Jobble knows your location, you can find job listings in your area or find jobs based on your skill sets. It is essential to fill out the profile as honestly as possible so the algorithm can correctly match you to jobs you would be successful in. Jobble pays in direct deposit and leaves little room for payment errors. Jobble is a broad and colorful mix of all sorts of work from many different companies. It is important to keep searching until you find a job you know you will be comfortable with and apply!

3) Fiverr

If you have remote work skills on the computer, then Fiverr is a great way to start making money online. Fiverr offers the opportunity for companies and businesses to create job postings for jobs like data entry, transcription, graphic design, proofreading, and so much more. Because there is so much to cater to at Fiverr, it can be considered one of the best odd job apps.

Fiverr offers a great app to view their content on, allowing you to view your profile and check on jobs. You can communicate with future clients, so you don’t miss anything if you are away from your computer. At Fiverr, you have the power as an independent worker and can set your prices. You can lay the groundwork for what you will charge for specific jobs or packages. Fiverr pays out through PayPal after a two-week holding period of most funds.

4) Upwork

At Upwork, you will find a very fast-paced environment in which you must perfect your public profile, offer a resume, and provide samples of your work to make the cut. Upwork uses an extensive process where workers bid on jobs requested by clients. The better your resume, samples, and cover letter, the higher the chance the client will choose you for the project.

There are all sorts of odd jobs available on Upwork. If you fill out your profile honestly and stick to what you are good at, you can find client after client willing to hire you for their projects. Jobs on Upwork include article writing, proofreading, research writing, graphic design, and help with website creation, among other things.

Upwork pays within a few short days of the completion of the project you work on and pays in direct deposit. Upwork is one of the best ways to find odd jobs because it provides a browser option and a mobile app to stay up to day with the marketplace of jobs available.

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5) DoorDash

In the past couple of years, when everyone was told to stay at home an app called DoorDash rose in popularity. You can use the app either as a driver or as a requester. When using DoorDash, you can make requests to get your favorite food from local fast-food joints or sit-down restaurants close by. DoorDash takes its small percentage, and the customer pays for their food through the app.

You would drive your insured vehicle and work through the application on your mobile device as a worker. It will ping you if you are the only local or available driver for the job. All you need to do is go to the location desired and pick up their order, deliver it, and scoop up your tip from the app via direct deposit or PayPal. Easy!

Conclusion to 5 of the Best Odd Jobs Apps

If you want to make some extra money or pick up a part or full-time job, it may pay to check out the 5 best odd jobs apps. There are several to choose from, and this list gives you five legitimate odd jobs apps that can help you earn that extra income. Most apps are easy to use and come with fast results for both the client and the worker.


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