National Debt Relief Review

National Debt Relief Review [Is It Legit Or A Scam? 2022]

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National Debt Relief Review

National Debt Relief is a company that assists people with addressing the high volume of debt that they have accumulated, with the aim of reducing it in a manner they would not be able to do on their own. With over a decade of experience in the industry, this company has received a high volume of positive reviews from its clients. 

In order to lower your outstanding debts, National Debt Relief will work with you using a process called debt settlement. With debt settlement, you will set money aside in a savings account until you have a sustainable amount of money to pay off your debt with a lump sum payment. The idea of this is to make sure that you are able to pay less money with the lump sum than what you currently owe. The company also negotiates with your creditors during this process on your behalf in an attempt to get them to reduce the total amount of debt you are responsible for as well. 

National Debt Relief has been very successful in this sector; in fact, in many cases, they are successful in enabling clients to pay 30%-50% less in debt upon the settlement. Depending on how much debt you owe, this could be a significant amount of money that you are saving, ultimately bringing you out of the debt hole so that you can give your financial life a fresh start. 

The service that is offered by National Debt Relief is second to none in this industry. If you have found yourself in a situation where you feel as if you have racked up an insurmountable level of debt, then debt settlement may be a great choice for you.

However, everyone’s financial situation is different, so here is a great overview of National Debt Relief so you can determine whether or not their services are a good fit for you. 

Onto our National Debt Relief review!

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How National Debt Relief Works

How does National Debt Relief work? If you think that you may be in a position where a debt settlement is necessary in order to stay afloat, then you can easily get started with a free consultation from National Debt Relief. During this consultation, you will assess your current financial situation and then you’ll get an overview of how long this process is likely to take as well as how much you can potentially save.

On average, the entire process takes between 24 and 48 months. At First, this may sound like a long time but if you look at the bigger picture, the debt settlement process could put you in a much better situation financially in just a few years. 

In order to qualify for this service, you will need a minimum of $7,500 in debt and you will need to be at least a few months behind on your payments. The reason for this is that if you have no missed or late payments then there isn’t much of a case for you to say that this debt is too much for you to manage on your own. Your creditors will be far less likely to accept a settlement if you have been prompt with all of your payments. 

Once you have gone about the consultation and there is a mutual agreement to go along with the process, National Debt Relief will be in contact with your creditor. They will essentially be negotiating a more viable payment plan or bringing down the overall debt that you owe. 

While this is going on, you will start putting money into somewhat of a forced savings account. This means that every month for a certain period of time, you’ll have to put a predetermined amount of money into an account. This account is managed by you but there will be a third party that will administer the account. This account will be used to eventually pay the lump sum payment that the credit company agrees for you to pay, which should be anywhere from 30%-50% less than what you originally owed. 

National Debt Relief Reviews

National Debt Relief Requirements

  • At least $7,500 in debt
  • A few months worth of missed payments

National Debt Relief Fees & Pricing

The service provided by National Debt Relief is an excellent way of improving your financial life. There are, however, some fees for their service. These fees aren’t necessarily something that should steer you away from working with this company due to the fact that in the long run, you will still be saving money while paying off your debt. 

National Debt Relief’s fees are more or less in line with the industry average. The company charges 15% to 25% of the amount of debt that you are looking to lower. So, if they are able to drop your debt costs by 40% and they are charging you 20% then you are really only dropping your overall debt payment by 20% which is still far better than having to pay the 100% that you owed in the first place. 

You cannot expect to receive a service like this without having to pay fees. The important thing to note is that even with the fees, you will be paying less in order to cover your debt. Finally, the best part about the way that National Debt Relief’s fees work is certainly the notion that you will only be paying fees if the service is successful; the company does not charge you if they are unable to work effectively with your creditors. 

What are National Debt Relief fees?

  • 15% to 25% of the amount of debt you have
  • You will only be paying fees if the service is successful

What Types of Debt are Covered? 

The only type of debt that can be covered by National Debt Relief would be unsecured debt. This means that the debt does not have any kind of collateral supporting it, such as a home or automobile loan. The good news is that they are very upfront about what types of debt that they can cover. This is great because it gives you less of a grey area before beginning a consultation with National Debt Relief. With all that being said, let’s walk through the debts that can be covered by National Debt Relief. 

Types of debt National Debt Relief can help with:

  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans and Lines of Credit
  • Medical Bills
  • Collections and Repossessions
  • Business Debts
  • Certain Student Debts

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Credit Card Debt

Running up a high balance on a credit card is very easy to do. After all, many people do not realize how much they are spending when they are using their credit cards. This can lead to a maxed-out credit card in a relatively quick manner. If you have a high credit line maxed out, then it is likely that you feel a lot of stress around the idea of paying off your credit card bill. 

This is a debt that can be covered by National Debt Relief; they cover traditional credit card debt as well as store credit card debt. 

Personal Loans

A personal loan is essentially a loan that is granted to you from banks or other lenders that allows you to make some big purchases. These are typically paid back in monthly installments but can become a hassle if you take out a loan that is a little too big for your current income. Luckily, this is something that National Debt Relief can assist with lowering so that you can pay off the debt without as much hassle. 

Business Debts

If you own a business and your revenue has made it so that you are incapable of paying back the business loan that you took out, then you are able to work with National Debt Relief in order to negotiate a lower payment for your debt. This is great because paying off the debt that your business owes can ultimately put you out of business if you are not generating enough revenue; this is a reason why many businesses close their doors. 

Unpaid Medical Bills

Medical bills are among the most stressful bills to pay. Accidents and emergencies are things that come up in life and they can result in you sitting on a hefty bill that you don’t know whether or not you can cover. In fact, there are many people who will refuse any medical attention because they are afraid as to what it may cost. 

If you have found yourself in a position where you have a large medical bill that you are having trouble paying off, you may be able to fix that with the services provided by National Debt Relief. 

Back Rent

Back rent is rent that you owe on your home due to a missed monthly payment. This can stack up quickly if you are regularly not able to meet your monthly rent payment. This is another type of debt that can National Debt Relief can assist in lowering so that you don’t have to pay as much as you thought. Although, if you are looking for help with your back rent then it is a requirement that you are still a resident in that home. 

Private Student Loans

If you have student loans that have not been acquired federally, then you may be eligible for assistance with repaying it. This can have you paying far less than what you originally paid for school. This is great because there are many people who pay their student loans well into their adult life; you can avoid this by working with National Debt Relief in order to lower your private student loans. 

What Debts Aren’t Covered?

There are a few debts that National Debt Relief is unable to help with:

  • Auto Loans & Government Loans
  • Lawsuits
  • IRS Debt and Back Taxes
  • Utility Bills
  • Mortgage or Home Loans
  • Other Secured Debts

Reputation in the Industry

In the debt relief industry, there are unfortunately some companies that are looking to take advantage of people who are already in a struggling financial situation. This is something that you are not going to experience with National Debt Relief as they are an accredited company with years of experience to prove it. 

This company is a legitimate, respected enterprise with a high rating with the Better Business Bureau; in fact, the BBB gave them an A+ rating, which certainly shows the amount of integrity that this company has. In addition to that, you can find National Debt Relief to have a 4.7-star rating out of five among 32,000 reviews on Trustpilot. 

Overall, this is an excellent company that offers a legitimate and valuable service. Throughout the course of this company’s life, there have been tens of thousands of people who have positively benefited their financial situations with the debt relief this company offers. 

National Debt Reliief Reviews

National Debt Relief Reviews & Complaints

As stated earlier in our National Debt Relief review, the company has an excellent reputation in the debt settlement and consolidation industry. The National Debt Relief BBB score is A+, and the Trustpilot National Debt Relief score is 4.7/5.

National Debt Relief reviews:

  • BBB National Debt Relief score: A+
  • National Debt Relief Trustpilot score: 4.7/5

National Debt Relief Customer Service

In order to work as an employee within this company, you must be an expert in the debt relief sector, there are no two ways about it. From a customer point of view, this is an excellent thing because you know that when you are speaking with a representative you are being provided with expert insight. 

A requirement for the staff within this company is to be able to effectively navigate the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in order to place you in the best position to settle your debt. Not all companies are going to have a staff as knowledgeable as this one. 

In terms of availability, there is some open space for you to call with any questions or concerns that you may have. They offer both email and phone service and are available to pick up the phone on weekdays from 8 A.M. to midnight in Eastern Standard Time. In addition to that, they are even available on Saturdays from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. which is great for you if you are unable to speak on the phone during the week. 

  • National Debt Relief phone number: Toll Free: 800-300-9550.

A Note on Credit Score

When you choose to take a debt settlement, you are going to notice that your credit score is going to take a big hit. This is probably the biggest con about going into a contract with this company, however, that is going to be the case across the board with any debt settlement, so it is entirely out of the company’s hands.

A big part of this is because when the debt settlement is being negotiated, your credit bills will stop for a period of time. As you go months without paying those bills your credit score will naturally go down. The important thing to note is that your goal here is to get rid of your debt. If you can do that in 24 to 48 months then you can worry about building your credit score back up once you are relieved of your debt. 

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Pros and Cons Of National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief Pros and Cons

There are many upsides that come to working with National Debt Relief as they can allow you to pay much less on the outstanding debt that you owe. Though while there are many upsides, there are certainly going to be some downsides to this company. That is normal with any service-based company; it is probably not going to be an ideal situation, but it can certainly provide some benefits. 

As a consumer, your job is to make sure that the pros outweigh the cons. In order to help you make that decision, let’s walk through some of the National Debt Relief pros and cons.


  • Zero upfront settlement fees: You are never going to be required to pay National Debt Relief’s fees if there are no results that come from their negotiation with your creditors. This is great because it will never stack a bill on top of what you already owe. The fees are going to be a percentage of the debt that has been settled. 
  • Free consultation with no obligation: When you are first shopping for a debt settlement company to work with, you can give National Debt Relief a call in order to compare some of your options. When you call you will speak with a counselor who will answer any questions that you have so that together you can come to a decision as to whether or not a debt settlement is a viable option for you. 
  • Ability to track progress: This is something that many debt settlement companies have not caught onto yet, which gives National Debt Relief a massive advantage for user-friendliness. There is a portal that as a client you can sign in to so that you can see how far you have come in the process. This is great because it keeps you on track with your goals and allows you to pat yourself on the back for sticking with them long-term. This is open to you via the internet at any time of the day. 
  • Trustworthy history: With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an average rating of 4.7 stars on Trustpilot, this is a company that has certainly proven to be trustworthy. They have accurate predictions as to how much you are going to be able to save and how long the process is going to take which is what everyone ultimately wants to know. Knowing that you can have a trustworthy company to settle your debt will certainly allow you to sleep better at night because there is a massive number of scammers within this industry that want to take your money and make your situation worse. 


  • Fees can be relatively high: They stated that you are going to pay 15% to 25% in fees when your debt is settled. This means that you are going to need a high percentage taken out of your debt in order for this to be worth it for you. Luckily, they claim to have an average of 30% to 50% decrease in the debt that you owe so you are likely to be able to benefit from this service significantly, depending on how much of a fee they are charging you. 
  • No mobile app: As mentioned above, there is a tracking element to this business meaning that you can sign in to your account and track the progress that you have made since the start of the contract. This, however, is only something that you can do on a computer. They do not have a mobile app and even their website isn’t too mobile-friendly. This is something that they will hopefully develop in the future so that consumers will be able to track their debt payments on their mobile devices. 
  • Credit Score: As mentioned above, your credit score is certainly going to be lowered when you go into a contract with National Debt Relief. This is something that is going to be contingent across the board with debt relief companies, so it is something that is entirely out of the company’s control. 

These are the biggest pros and cons that come from going into a contract with National Debt Relief. It is up to you to determine whether or not the pros outweigh the cons. When making this decision it is important to note that the sole purpose of this service is to better your financial life. This company wouldn’t be able to stay in business if they weren’t charging fees and if you were to find a company that claims to be able to do this for free then they are most likely going to turn out to be a scam of some sort. 

Is National Debt Relief Legit?

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

We answer some of the most common questions in our national Debt Relief review below.

What are the fees for National Debt Relief?

National Debt Relief will charge you 15% to 25% of the amount of debt you have.

Is National Debt Relief legit?

Is National Debt Relief a legitimate company? National Debt Relief has an A+ rating with the BBB and a score of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot. The company has an excellent reputation and has helped many people deal with their debts.

National Debt Relief Review Parting Thoughts

Many people find themselves accumulating levels of debt that seem insurmountable at some point in their adult lives. This can lead to significant stress around your financial and personal life. If you feel your debts are out of control, then you should definitely check out National Debt Relief and the debt settlement services they offer. Debt Settlement may be just what you need to start reducing those credit card and loan balances and get on the path to being debt-free forever. 


Thanks for reading our National Debt Relief review.

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