Mainvest Review

Mainvest Review 2022 [Pros, Cons, & Pricing]

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Mainvest Review

Finding appropriate funding for your business can be difficult and time-consuming. When you do not want to go through the standard methods of funding, such as banks and traditional investment firms, what other choices are out there?

The Internet has become a hub for more room in the investment industry, and one of the newer additions includes Mainvest. Crowdfunding is a popular way to fund projects as those who want to see your project come to fruition are often the ones funding it. However, with Mainvest, the gap between investors and businesses is bridged in a way that encourages shared revenue with a focus on local communities.

If you are looking for funding for your business, continue reading to see if Mainvest is right for you.

Onto our Mainvest review!

What is Mainvest?

Mainvest is a crowdfunding investment platform that helps to build the bridge for small businesses looking for investors through their campaign website. According to its website, the company stands by these four values: transparency, social equity, community, and ambition.

The company was founded in 2018, with its headquarters located in Salem, Massachusetts. In the short time the company has been in operation, its goal is to help make crowdfunding easier for small businesses through its campaigning website.

They determine, from their list of applications, which businesses are eligible to launch a funding campaign on their platform, and from there, investors can examine each business’ analytics to see if the business is worth investing in. Mainvest’s process can be broken down into three steps: fund, track, and get paid. Investors can earn between a 10 and 25 percent target return with their revenue sharing note policy.

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How Does Mainvest Work?

Mainvest Inc is a community-based investment platform that is both useful for small business owners looking for funding and for investors who want to browse potential businesses to invest in.

For both investors and business owners, you will need to start by opening an account with Mainvest. As an investor, you are able to view the statistics of each business to help you decide which businesses to invest in. Mainvest for investors has what is called the Revenue Sharing Note, which means that investors who invest more, receive more later on.

How this works is that the rate of return is the total result from the business’ gross revenue and the percentage of revenue shared. Now, although Mainvest does not charge a membership fee for its services, the company does charge a percentage of the amount raised. On average, this percentage is around six percent. So, investors and business campaigners should be aware of this.

For business owners, Mainvest is a platform that states to offer four key factors:

  • Network Support: Businesses can build connections and engage with their supporters and investors.
  • Greater Flexibility: Repayment is meant to work with the business, not against them, as the quarterly returns are tied to the business’ revenue.
  • Lower Barriers: Business owners are not subject to credit checks, additional fees, or personal guarantees.
  • Build Community: As Mainvest wants to work with local businesses to “revitalize the American Dream”, they invite business owners to connect and build partnerships with other local businesses, which can be found through their filter system to find other local businesses nearby.

The process for business owners starts with creating an account, then following these steps:

  1. Set Your Terms: Business owners work with Mainvest to create terms that work with them, which can include perks for investors as well: There are no upfront costs or collateral needed from businesses, as there are no interest rates to count against them.
  2. Raise Capital: Mainvest is a platform to help businesses create a crowdfunding campaign, so they can promote, connect, and get funded all in one place.
  3. Put Capital To Use: Funds are released to businesses within 21 days and the repayment process does not start until revenue earning has begun. The best part is that instead of fluctuating interest rates, the repayment cost fluctuates with how much your business earns.  

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Mainvest Features

  • Browse Before You Join

Before you click the “sign up” button, you are able to browse what businesses are currently working with Mainvest now, which allows customers to get a better sense of what they can invest in or expect from campaigning with Mainvest.

  • Referral Program

In case you are a business owner who has been funded through Mainvest, or an investor who has worked with the company, then you might be interested in the Mainvest referral program. Those who refer others to work with Mainvest to start a funding campaign will receive up to $5,000 to invest in other businesses when the referred person launches their campaign.

  • Vetting Process

Mainvest has an extensive vetting process to help ensure that the businesses launching campaigns are legit and are in need of funding, which helps to protect investors.

  • Multiple Documents

Mainvest presents users with many documents that are useful for analyzing businesses as they present useful data. These documents include SEC filings, income statements, balance sheets, financial projections, and so on. Investors can figure out which business is most likely to succeed and provide the most secure return investments by reviewing documents like these.

Mainvest Pros and Cons

Here are some of the key benefits and drawbacks of working with Mainvest that you should definitely take into consideration.


  • Transparent Company: Mainvest provides multiple ways to contact staff and provides users with resources for learning and understanding how best to use the website, in addition to providing multiple types of documents to investors.
  • No Fees for Investors: Investors experience various perks with Mainvest, and one is that they do not have to pay a fee to invest in a business or to review potential businesses for investment.
  • Open to All Investors: Anyone can invest in small businesses with Mainvest, as the starting amount to invest is as low as $100.
  • No Membership Fee: Neither business owners nor investors have to pay a membership fee to open an account or to use Mainvest, unlike some other crowdfunding and investment platforms.
  • Multiple Customer Support Options: Unlike other investment platforms, Mainvest offers all three primary ways to contact customer service, including email, phone, and online chat.
  • Extensive Vetting Process: Mainvest’s vetting process includes running anti-fraud and background checks, known as bad actor checks and yellow flag BACs that will look into any legal offenses. Mainvest also performs a continuous review to ensure businesses and investors approved remain eligible to stay approved.
  • Revenue Sharing Model: Investors agree to set a percentage of future revenue from the businesses they invest in, meanwhile, businesses receive funding faster than traditional funding and investment methods. 


  • Low Investment Activity: Mainvest presents the current, most funded businesses on their website’s front page, yet most businesses do not reach full funding. This could be a result of the lack of knowledge about Mainvest, but to some, this means Mainvest isn’t the top option to go with.
  • Short Company Lifespan:  Because this platform is still new in terms of business, there are some that might not feel comfortable taking risks with Mainvest, as any kind of crowdfunding and investment platform has inherent risk.
  • Risk: This is a somewhat anticipated con that is common in any kind of investing, but with Mainvest, there is a slight increase in risk as these are small businesses, that are at their highest peak to fail.
  • Strictly Small Business Options:  Mainvest is not an option for those looking to make ETF investments or investments in large companies. Because of how niche Mainvest is, they are also limited in their investment options.

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Mainvest Reviews

Mainvest Reviews and Complaints

Mainvest is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and currently has an A rating. Mainvest has been featured in top online magazines, including Forbes, Business Insider, and Crowdfund Insider, in addition to many Massachusetts local papers and publications.

Mainvest Customer Service

Mainvest does offer three methods of contact, including email, phone, and online webchat on their website, making it easy to contact staff. Throughout their mentions in various publications, Mainvest has been mentioned as a helpful resource for businesses, especially during the recent global pandemic.

In order to contact customer service, you can email Mainvest at [email protected] or call at (978) 414-5989. Their headquarters is also located in Salem, Massachusetts. In addition to their customer service contact information, their website also has a support center page where you can ask any questions that might have already been answered before.

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Mainvest Competitors & Alternatives

If you are looking to fund your business, there are many platforms out there that can help you do just that. Here are a few Mainvest competitors that are worth your consideration.

  • Crowdsofts: This alternative is different in that Crowdsofts is a funding platform for other potential funding platforms. If you have an idea to start your own crowdfunding platform, then Crowdsofts might be for you. However, one factor that they lack in comparison to Mainvest is the lack of contact information. According to their website, Crowdsofts directs website visitors to their email and a prompt page that requires visitors to fill out their information to reach out to Crowdsofts. They also offer analytics, auto investment, tax information, and more.
  • truCrowd: This alternative is set up similarly to Mainvest, as you can view potential businesses to invest in. For business owners, they offer a free valuation, however, truCrowd does charge low, upfront fees. There is no charge for investors, however. truCrowd is encrypted and protected for the benefit of users, and lists American-based companies to be invested in. Unlike Mainvest’s extensive regulations, truCrowd does not offer due diligence.
  • Birchal: This is an alternative for Mainvest located in Australia. They have been helping to fund companies since 2018, which is a similar track record to Mainvest. They have raised over $70 million with over 120,000 users on the platform. Birchal is also an equity crowdfunding service, which is open to new users, focuses on loyalty and ease of access, and is about building visions through the community.
  • EquityNet: This alternative is one of the longest operating platforms, as EquityNet has operated since 2005. They have worked with over 10,000 companies, generating over $600 million in funding as of 2021. They provide analytics for each company, offer engagement with entrepreneurs, the ability to optimize business plans, and many more features. They have also been featured in magazines such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Inc., and PCMag.

Mainvest Fees & Pricing

Mainvest generally doesn’t charge any upfront fees to launch a campaign, though in some circumstances an upfront fee will be charged depending on how complex your situation is.

As a business raising funds, you won’t have an interest rate, rather, you will share a percentage of your revenue.

  • Investments from your network carry a 4.5% fee
  • Investments from Mainvest’s network carry a 9% fee
  • If your raise isn’t successful, you will not pay a fee
  • Other fees may apply*
  • No credit check or collateral

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

What kinds of businesses does Mainvest work with?

Mainvest tries to work with local, small brick-and-mortar stores, and any kind of store is able to apply to work with Mainvest.

Who is eligible to invest?

Anyone who has a US bank account and is 18 or older can invest in small businesses with Mainvest, starting at as little as $100.

Do I need an account to use Mainvest?

If you are interested in browsing and looking at what businesses Mainvest has helped to fund, then no, you do not need an account. However, if you want to open a funding campaign, or invest in a business, then you will need to open an account.

Is Mainvest legit?

Is Mainvest safe to invest in? Yes, Mainvest is BBB accredited and is also registered with the SEC, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, known as a Title III Funding Portal, so this company is required to follow a set of strict regulations that protect businesses and investors.

How do I get Mainvest funding for my business?

To apply to raise funds for your business on Mainvest, head to the “Raise” page here.

Want to work at Mainvest?

Head on over to the “Mainvest careers” page here to find a list of jobs available.

So, Is Mainvest Right For You?

Will Mainvest be a good fit for your current business?  Well, that depends. It is important to note that the platform’s selection process for businesses is strict. According to Mainvest’s website, only five percent of businesses that apply are approved to seek funding through Mainvest.

Combining their selective approach and niche for small businesses, if you are a small business owner, you can apply to launch a campaign, and you will have a better chance of getting approved as long as you can prove to be a legitimate business.

For investors, this is a great opportunity for those who want to get into investing or who want to invest in businesses that are smaller in scale. With the protection Mainvest offers and the ability to review important information about each potential business investment, Mainvest strives to keep its investors safe.

Overall, Mainvest is a strict small business investment crowdfunding platform. If you meet their stringent criteria, this could be a great resource to get your business up and running. However, if your idea is less mature or lacking in key areas that the platform deems are important, it may be a good idea to consider other platforms for funding.


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