LendingClub Review

LendingClub Review [Is LendingClub Legit? 2022]

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LendingClub Review

Whether you are funding an investment, managing debts, or trying to settle overbearing bills, an effective way to satisfy any of these financial needs is through acquiring personal loans. Personal loans are unsecured; obtaining them usually requires no collateral. Nevertheless, there is some requirement expected to be satisfied before loans of that sort are offered.

Through its online platform, LendingClub provides several financial services, prominent of which is personal loans. The loans are obtained chiefly for purposes including credit card refinancing and debt consolidation. With repayment terms of three or five years, borrowers are offered the flexibility of choosing either a term with a reduced interest rate or one with low monthly repayment.

With this said, how about we look at LendingClub up close with our review. 

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Services Provided

  • Personal loans
  • Business loans
  • Auto refinancing
  • Medical payment plans
  • Investing

LendingClub Pros and Cons


  • Joint Loan Option: Usually, loans are issued ony to indiviuals. To ease repayment, LendingClub has a feature that allows for co-borrowing with another individual. The institution is a few of the creditors offering a joint loan option.
  • Soft Credit Inquiry: By having a pre-qualification application, a possible value of interest rate is ascertained before loan request.
  • Easier Debt Consolidation: With the balance transfer loan, borrowers can pay off debts to a maximum of 12 creditors without having to personally do that. The debt consolidation task is done by LendingClub.


  • Exorbitant Charges: LendingClub charges each borrower an origination fee and another for late loan repayment. Additionally, the rates offered are higher than those of fellow creditors and there’s no discount for initiating an autopay as can be gotten on competing platforms.
  • Limited Loan Terms: LendingClub offers only two repayment terms — options of three years or five years term. Although common of lenders, offering limited loan terms does not provide borrowers with multiple options of choosing either a shorter term for a reduced rate or a longer-term for lower monthly repayment.
  • Delayed Loan Funding: Loans are usually paid to borrowers within a week – an average of four days from the date of request approval.

Onto our LendingClub review!

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About LendingClub

LendingClub is a creditor institution that enables borrowers to obtain unsecured loans ranging between $1,000 and $40,000. Since LendingClub’s loans are not secured by collateral, they are not just issued immediately upon request. Instead, the credibility of each borrower is thoroughly established. This is based on several factors including the borrower’s credit history, debt-to-income ratio, and credit score.

Usually, the tie horizon for these loans is three years but a five-year repayment can be secured as well. Interest is charged depending on loan terms. A loan of five years repayment period attracts a higher interest rate than that of three years term. Generally, rates are between 8.05 to 35.89 percent. This is slightly higher than those offered by most other lenders.

LendingClub began as a platform where borrowers get linked with investors ready to earn a return on their money by lending it to other users. However, the peer-to-peer model was discontinued on December 31, 2020. Currently, it offers commercial, industrial, unsecured personal, auto loans including other products of such sort with no need for investor funding. 

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LendingClub Features

Most loans offered by LendingClub are personal loans that are mostly used in repaying other loans through debt consolidation. LendingClub makes the process of debt consolidation easy. The platform repays your creditor automatically, saving the stress of having to do it yourself. With the balance transfer loan option, up to 12 creditors can be consolidated at no additional fee.

Another feature of LendingClub is an option for co-borrowing, where two users pool their resources for a loan. The two borrowers are required to have a combined debt-to-income or DTI ratio of no more than 35%. 

A member center displays information like the DTI ratio, credit score, and credit utilization for a better borrowing experience, especially in aspects of management of funds and credits. Via the portal, onboarded members can generate the rates through a soft credit inquiry, which does not influence your credit score. However, LendingClub does make hard credit inquiries prior to approving a loan. 

LendingClub Loan Eligibility

According to LendingClub, certain requirements need to be met for a loan request to be approved. A borrower with a credit score within the range of 630 to 719 has a good chance of obtaining a loan. The FIFO credit score of 600 is however the minimum required to request a loan.

The other requirements for obtaining a loan from LendingClub include being 18+ years of age, having a bank account, and either being a U.S. citizen, having a long-term US Visa, or being a permanent US resident.

You can apply for a loan on the association’s site — www.LendingClub.com

The application interaction will request: 

  • Loan sum 
  • Moneylending reason
  • Your personal data (address, phone number, email) 
  • Personal data of co-candidates 
  • Certain individual/joint pay 

LendingClub will direct a “soft” credit check, which will not influence your FICO assessment. Upon endorsement, you can see an online calculator with singular choices, including the fixed regularly scheduled installment for a three-year loan and a 60-month loan with the financing costs for every choice. 

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Application Process

The personal loan application cycle can vary starting with one moneylender then onto the next, however, the means will in general be comparable. 

1. Check your rate. 

A few moneylenders let you check your loan rate without presenting a proper application. LendingClub utilizes data like your name, address, date of birth, pay, and the amount you need to check whether you’re probably going to fit the bill for a loan, and give an expected rate. Checking your rate permits you to look at various potential loan offers and ordinarily doesn’t affect your financial assessment. When looking at rates and offers, try to review total loan sums, APRs, financing costs, reimbursement terms, and origination expenses. 

2. Complete your loan application and check your character. 

When you’ve settled on a moneylender, you need to complete an authority application. You’ll be needed to submit documentation that confirms your character, home, or pay. This can incorporate a photo duplicate of your official photo ID, ongoing utility bills, or different records. You can for the most part submit duplicates of required reports from your cell phone or your PC. 

3. Hang tight for endorsement. 

Loan endorsement can take from a couple of hours to a few days. However, most applicants at LendingClub receive a response within 24 hours and are able to check their application status whenever. 

4. Review your offer. 

Your offer might be not quite the same as when you checked your rate, so take care to review the terms exhaustively prior to accepting it.

5. Acknowledge your offer and accept your loan.

When you acknowledge your offer, reserves are moved into your financial balance. However, financing speed fluctuates, and some individuals may get it in as little as a couple of days. 

Rates, Fees, and Service Charges

Commonly, investors pay LendingClub an assistance expense equivalent to roughly 1% of the measure of every borrower installment got within 14 days of the installment due date. There are two or three conditions where the 1% charge would change: 

In the event that borrowers miss an installment, investors don’t pay an assistance charge. 

In the event that a borrower prepays all or a part of their loan inside the initial year after the Note is given, the size of the assistance expense is limited to 1% of the borrower’s ordinary regularly scheduled installment sum, instead of charging the investor 1% of the whole sum paid. This is done to secure the investor’s profits.

At the point when borrowers miss installments and loans become late, LendingClub puts forth a sensible attempt to recuperate the cash owed to investors. In case LendingClub is fruitful in recuperating the owed payment(s), LendingClub charges investors one of the accompanying assortment expenses, deducted from any sum recuperated: 

  • Up to 45% on all sums gathered on a delinquent loan (net of lawful charges and costs) to the degree any case has been started against the borrower, or; 
  • Up to 35% on all sums gathered on a delinquent loan in all cases not including court cases. 

LendingClub doesn’t charge a collection expense if no installments are gathered, and no collection expense will be charged in overabundance of the sum recuperated. 

Keep reading for more of our LendingClub review below.

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What You Should Know Before You Apply for Personal Loan

Assessing your accounts and reliability can save you time and exertion prior to applying for a personal loan. Prior to applying for a loan, ask yourself these questions.

What does your credit report resemble? 

While reviewing your credit report, ensure the entirety of your obligations are current and address any late installments or past due balances right away. While this will not eradicate the past, missed installments stay on your credit report for a very long time. It can assist with showing banks you’re making progress on advancing your monetary circumstance. 

You ought to likewise check for any mistakes in your report, as they can adversely affect your reliability. In the event that you do discover mistakes, challenge them promptly with one of the three significant credit departments. 

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What amount would you be able to get and reimburse? 

Loan sums shift depending on the moneylender, however, at LendingClub Bank, loans range from $1,000 to $45,000. 

While deciding the sum to get, consider the amount you need for your loan. So, pick a sum you can easily stand to reimburse. In case you don’t know, a personal loan calculator can help you gauge regularly scheduled installments. 

Would it be advisable for you to think about a co-borrower? 

In case you’re structuring your record as a consumer or attempting to further develop your financial assessment, you might need to consider adding a co-borrower to your loan application. A co-borrower with a solid FICO rating and financial record can potentially help with getting a loan with great terms.

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LendingClub Competitors

LendingClub Competitors

LendingClub Reviews

LendingClub Reviews & Complaints

LendingClub isn’t evaluated by the Better Business Bureau. In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission recorded an objection against LendingClub claiming the organization didn’t keep its “no secret charges” guarantee and deceived purchasers into speculation their loans were supported, among different claims. The case is as yet forthcoming. LendingClub tended to the case by clarifying its rates and expenses and shared that it utilizes an administration-supported structure, the Truth in Lending Act Disclosure, so borrowers realize what loans will cost. 

In 2019, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau got 104 personal loan-related complaints about LendingClub, with an opportune reaction to about 70% of complaints. Most complaints were about issues making installments, startling expenses or interest charges, or erroneous credit revealing. 

On TrustPilot, LendingClub had an 89% score in its reviews regarding its responsive and helpful customer service; it also lauded the platform’s smooth management and administration, citing the speed at which LendingClub responds to applications.  

Customer Service

Customers can contact customer care via the following:

  • Email 
  • Telephone 
  • Online assistance

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

LendingClub review faq.

Is LendingClub legit? 

Yearly rates on LendingClub loans don’t surpass 36%, which is a rate cap that most customer advocates suggest. The organization also utilizes data like financial records and pay to assess a borrower’s capacity to reimburse, which numerous payday and other predatory moneylenders don’t do. 

LendingClub is straightforward about its expenses and answers inquiries regarding its loans.

How quick are LendingClub loans supported? 

LendingClub says it endorses and subsidizes loans inside around seven days overall for borrowers with reasonable or great FICO ratings.

Will loan specialists view my resources? 

Most personal loans are unsecured, which means you don’t need to utilize your resources—like your home, vehicle, or bank account—as collateral. While your loan specialist may get some information about your accessible fluid resources, for example, the assets in your checking and investment account, they for the most part will not review every one of them. 

Parting Thoughts: A Great Option for Obtaining a Quick Loan

LendingClub is a great option for personal loans needed for debt consolidation since upon request, loans can be directly channeled to repay creditors. The platform acts on applications rapidly and has great customer service as well. However, if you have less than stellar credit, or you’re looking for a lender with the lowest interest rate, LendingClub may not the best option for you at this time.  


Thanks for reading our LendingClub review.

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