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Is There A Cure For Viruses?

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Is There A Cure For Viruses?

Is There A Cure For Viruses? With the advent of the global Coronavirus pandemic, which could take millions of lives worldwide and stop the global economy dead in its tracks, all viral infections are placed firmly under the spotlight again. After all these years, is there still no cure for viruses? Are there no new antiviral drugs, new antiviral drugs for HIV, or a new antiviral for the many types of flu? And most importantly, is there no antiviral drug that can rid the world of the dreaded COVID-19, or Coronavirus?

Is DRACO The Next Penicillin?

Honestly, is there a cure for viruses? The plain truth is yes, there is a potential cure for all viruses. A number of years ago, an MIT-trained bioengineer named Todd Rider had developed a revolutionary new idea to kill all known viruses. The initial tests showed that this new therapy, called DRACO, killed every virus that was thrown at it. The name “DRACO” stands for “Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizers” but is also quite aptly the name of several physicians in the family of Hippocrates. Honestly, is there a cure for viruses? The plain truth is yes, there is a potential cure for all viruses. Click To Tweet
Todd Rider
Todd Rider
This development should be fantastic news for health care workers, economists, and even governments the world over. The rapid spread of the Coronavirus along with its stranglehold on world economies could be a thing of the past. Not to mention how very exciting this could be for the many long-time sufferers of viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, HIV, Hepatitis, Epstein Bar Virus, Herpes, and viral-induced Cancer, to name but a few.

How Much Will It Cost?

But why is this incredible cure for all viruses not readily available? Why is it being held from us, out of our reach? The answer is very simple: financing for the final research needed to successfully prove the incredible potential of DRACO. It is estimated that $500,000 per year is needed over a period of four years. That’s it. Two million dollars is but a drop in the ocean for trillion-dollar economies, but yet here everybody is freaking out over the Coronavirus and self-isolating because no one wants to fund this exciting treatment that can cure all viruses.
This incredible potential cure is being ignored by governments, venture capitalists, philanthropists, and the medical community at large, for no apparent reason. Is there no government in the world who would be willing to fund this? Imagine how much the health systems of the world would save if there WERE NO VIRUSES. The investment would pay for itself in no time. Coronavirus caught the world by surprise, so how ill-prepared are we for the next huge virus that could wipe out all forms of life on this planet? The reaction to the Coronavirus by some countries has been embarrassing to watch and has shown very little understanding of the real threat viral infections pose to all of us. Not to mention the hardships of people who suffer from viral-induced chronic illness who have been bedridden for decades. DRACO has the potential to end the suffering of so many people and animals, that it is insane to think that a measly two million dollars could put an end to it all. Disasters like Ebola, H1N1 Swine Flu, could just be a blip on the radar and no big deal.

How You Can Help

This raises the questions: How can you help? How can you join this essential fight against all known viruses? The answer to these questions is very simple. Out of pure frustration, Todd Rider founded The Rider Institute to obtain the required funds to be able to continue his invaluable work. If you want to make a difference, please consider sending a donation to The Rider Institute at

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