Insurify Review

Insurify Review [Compare Car Insurance Quotes 2022]

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Insurify Review

Car insurance can be expensive. The average American household now spends over $1,500 annually on car insurance. If you’re on a tight budget – especially now, during the coronavirus pandemic – then your monthly car insurance bill can be tough to manage.

Traditionally, shopping around for car insurance has been challenging, too. In the past, the only thing you could do is call around and compare rates of insurance companies you’d spoken to. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, it is easier to shop around and compare insurance rates than ever before.

There are now great online platforms like Insurify insurance that will let you identify your car insurance requirements, then compare and contrast the different auto insurance policies that are available.

If you feel that you may be paying too much for your current insurance or are looking to get car insurance for the first time, then Insurify is an excellent company for you to work with. They make it nice and easy for you to be able to compare different plans and pick the one that is going to best suit your needs.

Here is a great overview that will give you some insight into the Insurify platform so that you can gain confidence in your car insurance search.

Onto our Insurify review!

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Insurify Auto Insurance Quotes

What is Insurify?

Is Insurify legit? Insurify was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The site is an insurance comparison platform that allows you to input your car requirements and basic information, then pull up several car insurance policies, with price quotes, to review.

If you select one of the quotes and choose to pursue it, you can then click on it and travel to the insurance company to apply for and ultimately pay for the policy.

Insurify earns its revenue through these types of referrals and does not charge consumers anything for using its services; the entire platform is free to use. 

This is the process of affiliate marketing at work, which is a very common way for websites to bring in revenue. The best thing about it is that the affiliate commission that Insurify earns is built into the original price.

This means that there is no reason not to work with Insurify because you will pay the same price regardless. Insurify work to provide you with more value than if you were to try to go about this purchase on your own.

If you use Insurify, it could save you a significant amount of time you’d otherwise spend calling around to multiple insurance companies to get quotes; it may even identify insurance companies offering affordable car insurance that you were not aware of as well. 

This is simply because of the fact that they have experienced professionals and powerful intuitive software that will weigh every insurance option that is available to you. 

This company was created with one mission and that is to provide users with the best insurance policies that are currently on the market. Before this company was created, you would have to spend a ton of time sifting through different policies.

You’d be on the phone with different agencies who would use your phone number as a lead, so you get random calls over and over again.

When you use Insurify, you don’t have to deal with any of that, you simply put your information in so that they can show you the best policies and from there you decide which one would be the best for you. 

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Services Offered

  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Life insurance
Insurify Logo

Eligibility Requirements

Since Insurify is only a portal to compare car insurance policies there are no significant barriers to use the site to shop around for insurance.

However, if you choose to travel to an insurance site to attempt to purchase insurance, you will be subject to all applicable laws and regulations regarding the purchase of automobile insurance.

Additionally, Insurify is focused on the US insurance market, so its content and services may not be applicable to people living in other countries. 

To put it in the simplest terms, you are able to use this service if you are a US citizen who is looking for the best car insurance. You will have to provide the Insurify platform with some basic information so they can guide you in the right direction, but there is no profile or membership that you are required to sign for. Review

How Does Insurify Work?

Insurify founder, Snejina Zacharia, stated that the cost of insurance makes up most of a person’s decision as to whether or not to get that policy. With this in mind, he decided that creating a portal that can compare prices instantly would be a great way to bring value to the marketplace. 

With that in mind, It’s no surprise that Insurify is one of the top-visited sites when it comes to comparing car insurance quotes. The platform is very simple to use and doesn’t even require a username or password.

You simply provide some basic information about the make and model of your car and the region you’re located, and some personal information like your phone number, and the site takes a minute or two to bring up several comparable auto insurance policies and quotes; Insurify also allows you to adjust the coverage you’re considering a little bit in order to see if you can get a more competitive price quote, too.

If you like one of the insurance policies you see, you can then click on a link to travel to the insurer’s website, get more information, and then purchase a car insurance policy. 

This is very similar to a life insurance broker who takes down all of your health information so that they can locate some of the best insurance policies for your specific situation. 

Overall, it is a very simple website to use and that is something that consumers seem to love about it. The best thing about it is the fact that you as a viewer are gaining a lot of value which will ultimately land you with a great car insurance policy.

On top of that, you are not required to pay anything extra in order to be matched with a great policy.

Buy Online or Speak to an Agent

When you are looking through some of the different policies, you are able to purchase them online. All you have to do is click the link to be brought to the insurance website and then you will be taken through the purchasing process. 

Though if you are not comfortable with purchasing online, there are agents that are available for you to speak to. When you call an agent, they will walk you through the process of purchasing the insurance plan.

This is great because you will feel as though you have not missed any steps and will be able to get any questions that you have answered.

Insurify Customer Service 

Customers who want to contact Insurify insurance can do so via the following options:

More of our Insurify review is below.

Insurify Reviews

Insurify Reviews & Complaints

Insurify has no reviews or ratings on Trustpilot at this time. It also is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, although it does carry an “A+” BBB rating. The A+ rating shows you that this is certainly a legitimate company that offers services to people. 

In addition to that, you can find individual customers online that have used this product in order to get car insurance. In this search, you will see that there are many users who have enjoyed the services offered by Insurify.

The most notable features that consumers seem to enjoy are how easy this website is to navigate as well as the fact that this is a free service. 

Insurify Pros and Cons

There are several pros and cons to consider before opting to use Insurify; here are a few worth considering. 


  • Easy to Use. It is simple and fast to input your basic info and then get several competitive car insurance quotes to compare. 
  • Free. The Insurify site does not cost you anything at all; it is entirely free to use. 


  • Not Comprehensive. While you do get several car insurance quotes, you may not get all of them; there could be quotes for cheaper, comparable car insurance that Insurify doesn’t pull into the system.  
  • Info Sharing. Some users have complained that Insurify shares basic information, like their phone numbers, with marketing firms.    

Is Insurify Worth It? 

The service that is offered by Insurify is certainly worth your time. You are able to open your laptop and have some of the best insurance policies on your screen within minutes. All that you really need to do is answer some questions about your current situation. This information will then be provided to you for free. 

It is important to note that Insurify and similar companies are not appointed with every insurance company out there. This means that there will be some companies that you are not able to get rates from through Insurify.

That does not mean that you shouldn’t work with this company because they provide some highly valuable services. All this means is that it may be a good idea to look at Insurify as well as some of the similar companies that are out there. With that in mind, you can see some of the alternatives to Insurify down below. 

Insurify Competitors

There are several insurance comparisons out there that could serve as alternatives to Insurify. offers a similar, if barebones, comparison service to Insurify.

QuoteWizard is another site where you can get comparison insurance quotes as well. Sites like provide similar services to Insurify, too.

It may be a good idea to check out these alternative services to see if they will provide you with different policies.

This is a great strategy because it will give you a few of the best policies for your situation. From there, you can take a detailed look at the few that stand out and then ultimately come to a decision on which policy you should take. 

So, check these sites out, and see if their services are a good fit for you as you hunt online for affordable car insurance.  

Is Insurify Legit?

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

We look at some of the most common questions with our Insurify review.

Is Insurify legit?

Is Insurify legitimate? Yes, Insurify is a legitimate company offering comparison insurance quotes online and earns its revenue through affiliate commissions. This means that their referral to you is a voucher for the insurance company to pay them a commission on the sale of your insurance policy. This comes at absolutely no charge to you. 

This company is still fairly new but has gained a mass of positive reviews on different websites. There are many customers who have seen great benefits from the services that are offered by Insurify. While you shouldn’t blindly trust anything that they say, their guidance towards choosing the right insurance policy is certainly valuable advice.

Is Insurify safe?

Insurify has an A+ rating with the BBB and encrypts all your data which is never sold to third parties.

Insurify Review: Parting Thoughts

You don’t have to spend a great deal of time effort and money shopping around for affordable car insurance. Instead, you can turn to the internet, and use sites like Insurify to do all of the shopping and comparison for you.

Insurify is free and fast and can give you a solid understanding of what type of car insurance options are out there, and how much you can expect to pay for an auto insurance policy. So, go to Insurify, and start shopping for car insurance with confidence today. 

In the past, you would have to go to some great measures in order to get approved with a specific car insurance policy. The worst part is that you didn’t even know if you were getting the best deal.

With Insurify, you are able to compare offers right from your phone or laptop and find which policy will be best for you. Ultimately, you are saving time and getting a better service, which will certainly make the process of buying car insurance less painful. 

Now that you have a solid understanding of how Insurify works, it is now up to you to go compare some of the best insurance rates on the market. So, head over to Insurify so that you can get started with your car insurance purchasing process. 

Compare Free Quotes With Insurify

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