How To Live On One Income

How To Live On One Income 2022 [Tips For Living Comfortably] 

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How To Live On One Income

Living on one income can be incredibly challenging for anyone. In fact, in a recent survey, most families reported that their cost of living expenditures currently exceeds their income. It’s clear that living off one income has become more difficult than it was in the past; in fact, it often seems like we are already living on one income in a two-income world, due to inflation and rising costs of everything from food to utilities, makes a single income an impossible standard for most middle-class households. So, the question arises: “how to live on one income?” Fortunately, although it is difficult, you can still find ways to make one income enough to pay your bills and have a decent standard of living for your family; you may even be able to save for the future in some cases, too. Here are some great tips and tricks for how to live on one Income. 

Set a Budget

If you want to live on one income, one of the first things you should do is determine how much money you actually need from month to month. You can determine your financial requirements by building a budget. Budgeting is one of the most important tasks households can do to improve their financial well-being; however, despite the importance of this task, the sad fact is that most families do little to no budgeting. A good annual budget will lay out your income streams as well as your expenses, so you can determine how to balance cash inflows and outflows. It will help you see how much you are spending on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, as well as your earnings and expected windfalls, such as annual tax refunds. Once you can see your financial picture clearly, you will be able to determine the steps you must take to live on one income.

Cut Your Expenses and Live Frugally 

If you’re going to be able to live on less money, you should expect it to cost you in other ways. You almost certainly have to slash how much money you are currently spending on a day-to-day basis. Using your detailed budget, you should look at things you can do to immediately save money, such as cutting streaming services, packing a lunch for work instead of dining out, etc. However, once you cut superfluous spending from your budget, you will likely have to make hard choices. If you’re living on one income with kids, you may have to decide whether you can still afford private school or additional after-school activities for your children; you may also have to consider whether or not to downsize your home or apartment. You should expect to become thriftier as well; searching for discounts, using coupons, and shopping at Goodwill or other thrift stores will need to be part of your new mindset. However you do it, you should expect frugal living on one income to entail some sacrifices to your lifestyle. 

Get a Side Hustle, or Ask for a Raise

If you find yourself suddenly living with one income and wondering how you’re going to pay the bills each month, one thing you should consider is getting a side hustle or part-time job. More work will mean more money coming into your household, which will help you offset the loss of one income and stay afloat financially. Fortunately, with the advent of rideshare and delivery services like uber, Lyft, and DoorDash, it is easier than ever to convert your spare time into an income-earning opportunity. Alternatively, if picking up another job isn’t a good fit for you, you can also consider asking for a raise at work or see if you can pick up overtime or more hours. This would help you bring more money into your household and make it easier to live on one income. 

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Start an Emergency Fund 

If you are wondering how to live on one income with a family, you should definitely think about the unexpected. Furnaces break down, cars need repairs, and your kids may suddenly need braces or sporting equipment that is never inexpensive. You should always be prepared for an event when your family will have to live off of a single income and face unexpected expenses. One partner in the family could lose a job or become injured, which would lead to an immediate loss of household income. Additionally, if the family is suddenly faced with a divorce or separation, it may make it necessary to live on one income. In order to mitigate the effects of a sudden loss of one person’s income, you should definitely build an emergency fund. You should save enough money to be able to pay all of your expected bills for three to four months. Place your emergency fund in a separate savings account that you can easily access if you need it. While this fund is not a long-term solution for living off one income, it can definitely give you peace of mind and buy you time to improve your financial situation as well. 

Build a Nest Egg

Living on one income and saving the other can also be a way to rapidly build a cash reserve to buy a house, start a business, or rapidly save for retirement. In this instance, both spouses or partners will continue to work, but they will deliberately pare down their living expenses – using many of the techniques discussed previously – so that one income can be saved or invested. This enables the household to quickly amass a cash reserve or investment that can be used to meet some other joint financial goal. While it takes considerable discipline to live frugally even when you have the cash on hand, living on one income and saving the other can be a great way to achieve your financial objectives without taking on significant amounts of debt. 

Parting Thoughts: Cut Spending, Count Pennies, and Start Living on One Income

Living on one income is not easy; getting started can be especially hard since it likely will require some tough decisions and abrupt lifestyle changes. However, if you follow these tips for living on one income, you could be setting a budget, cutting expenses, getting thrifty, and living the one-income lifestyle in no time. 


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