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Haus Mortgages

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Co-Investing Mortgages

Haus Mortgages

Homes are considered our most important investment. However, even for those fortunate to own their own home, it can often be difficult to tap into a home’s equity.

We often want to use our home’s equity to do important things, such as make renovations, or even consolidate debt.

Additionally, we often lack sufficient funds to make the down payments on the homes we want to buy as well; this can be a significant discriminator when it comes to homeownership.

Fortunately, innovative financial services companies like Haus have introduced innovative shared equity agreements that make it easier to purchase a home with lower mortgage payments and provide more access to your home’s equity as well.

Let’s take a closer look at Haus lending, so you can determine if Haus home equity sharing will work for you. 

Onto our Haus review!

Haus Mortgages

Find out how much you qualify for with the Haus mortgage calculator.

What is Haus? What Are Haus Mortgages?

Haus is a relatively young financial services company that was launched in San Francisco in 2016, with the aim of making homeownership more affordable.

Haus effectively partners with homeowners by buying a share of the equity in their homes, which helps the homeowner make a larger down payment and leads to lower mortgage costs.

Doing so also gives the homeowner increased access to his or her equity as well.

Eventually, the homeowner is required to pay back Haus’ investment, along with a share of any value that the home may have appreciated. If the home depreciates in value, Haus shares in the loss as well.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to use the Haus platform, you must be an adult 18 years or older, or of legal age to enter a binding contract.

You can only use Haus’ service for yourself, or someone who has granted you legal permission to use it on their behalf.  Haus is currently only available for property located within the United States.

Haus mortgages eligibility:

  • 18 years or older
  • available for properties in the USA

How Does Haus Work? What Is Haus Mortgage Lending All About?

Haus Loans has an intuitive website that helps guide you through an equity sharing application and approval.

If approved, Haus then provides a matching level of equity investment in the home that you are purchasing.

This will allow you to purchase more of your new home upfront and lower your mortgage costs considerably.

It will also give you more immediate access to your home’s equity as well. Eventually, you will be required to pay back Haus’ investment in your equity, along with any additional share of the appreciation.


Haus Customer Service

Current or prospective customers can contact Haus via the following methods:

  • Email at
  • Mail at: 660 4th Street, Suite 418, San Francisco, California, 91407

Haus Mortgage Reviews

Haus does not currently have a significant number of online reviews. There are no Haus reviews on Trustpilot, and it is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), nor does the BBB have any significant information about it.

The lack of online Haus home ownership reviews and commentary could be due to the relatively young age of the company, as well as its modest size.

Is Haus legit? Although reviews are sparse, Haus home co-investing equity loans are legitimate and offer homeowners shared equity loan options, unlike traditional lenders.

How much can you tap into with Haus mortgages? Find out with the online calculator.

Haus Co-Investing Pros and Cons

Here are some of the key pros and cons for Haus mortgages you should consider: 


  • Increased Access to Equity. Homeowners who want access to their equity but have less than stellar credit may appreciate Haus’ services, since they may not qualify for a HELOC or other types of home equity loans. 
  • Good Fit for the Self-Employed. People who are self-employed or work as 10999 contractors and have irregular income streams may have better luck qualifying for an equity sharing arrangement with Haus than they would applying for a HELOC at a traditional lender. 
  • Lower Mortgage Payments. By increasing the amount of equity paid upfront in a home purchase, you’ll wind up with a smaller monthly mortgage payment. 


  • Cost. In addition to making your mortgage payments, you’ll eventually have to pay Haus back their share of the investment they made in your home’s equity, along with any additional share of the appreciation value.  
  • Modest Amounts. With Haus, you may not get as much access to your equity as you would with a HELOC or a home equity loan; if you need sufficient amounts of your home equity to do something important, such as consolidate high-interest debt this may not be a great option for you.
  • Haus Equity Reviews. There are not many Haus real estate reviews online. However, this will change once the Haus company becomes more established.
If you own a home, you can get cash out. See how much.

Haus Loans Alternatives

There are similar online home equity sharing companies offering services comparable to a Haus home equity sharing agreement; these sites include: 

Each of Haus’s rivals offers different terms and slightly different services, so it is worth shopping around a bit. Additionally, perhaps the biggest alternative to Haus is a traditional HELOC or home equity loan, too, which are available from thousands of lenders across the United States.

Haus Reviews Home Buying Parting Thoughts

If you need support with making a suitable down payment on your new home or want to put your current home’s equity to good use, Haus may be a good choice for you

However, prior to committing to an equity sharing agreement, make sure you talk to a trusted financial advisor and weigh all of your options carefully, so you find a solution that is a good fit for you.

Find Out How Haus Mortgages Can Help

Haus offers lower monthly payments compared to a mortgage, plus instant access to your equity when you need it.

Thanks for reading our Haus mortgages review.

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