Goalry Review

Goalry Review [Personal Finance App Pros & Cons 2022]

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Goalry Review

Goalry is set up as a “financial mall” meaning that it has a lot of different information and education set up for its customers. There are three different levels to the mall containing different information. It is designed to help customers set up reasonable financial goals for themselves. It also gives them the ability to connect with others and share their financial goals and journeys.

The ultimate goal of Goalry is to help customers take action, learn about their finances, and socialize about their goals. The whole site is set up around a financial score that one can create goals based on how it is doing.

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Goalry Pros and Cons

Before we dive in deep, here are some of the key advantages and drawbacks of Goalry that you should think about.


  • Easy Navigation: With Goalry, it is easy to navigate the website and find where everything is. Some sites can be very confusing and not very user-friendly. However, on Goalry each floor is set up according to what is supposed to be on it, and it is mapped out for users, making things easy to find.
  • Answers Questions: Goalry tries to answer any of the questions that users may have about their finances. This is why they have their site set up this way. They have an article for just about everything. The whole site of Goalry is set up in a mall type of fashion. Each level is set up accordingly and this is why they have the community section of the mall set up. Through this, users socialize and chat about any issues or goals that they may have on here.
  • Goal-Oriented: Goalry is set up to enable customers to achieve goals through their site. It is all based on a central financial health score and customers work based on that score. Goalry works to make financial literacy and understanding as easy as possible. It works to set it up so that the consumer has everything they might need to be successful.
  • No Strings Attached: Goalry doesn’t require a payment or a credit check to sign up, so there is no harm in joining. Goalry works to be a learning resource and is set up that way. Because of that, there is no cost to the members that use it.


  • Stressful Some people may not want to set goals for themselves as that becomes a source of stress for them. It is hard to convince these people that they may benefit from using such a site because the process can be so overwhelming. In reality, this sort of site may be extremely beneficial to these types of people.
  • Fear of FailureWhen setting goals for oneself, people become infatuated with the end result. The process of reaching that becomes irrelevant and they end up feeling like they have failed if they do not reach that desired end result. The feeling of failure deters a lot of people from setting goals and may, inadvertently, become a con of Goalry. It is important to note that people take long strides in their progress to a better financial future, whether they reach their desired result or not.
  • Information Overload Some may find It difficult to navigate through all of the information on Goalry as there is much to go through. This is why they have it organized in a very straightforward process, to make it as easy as possible for the members. However, organized or not, the sheer amount of information presented can be daunting to some users.  

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About Goalry

Goalry can best be described as an online financial mall. They have stores that are each set up with different information depending on what store it is. They have these set up on three different floors. Each floor serves a different purpose in financial education.

Goalry follows an outline to help its customers achieve their financial goals. It starts with discovery, then leads into guidance, then transformation, then motivation. All of these goals that are created are based on a financial health score. This score helps to readjust and create new goals based on the level of it and what is desired. Each of these steps works up to moving toward the goal that they have set for themselves and moving along in their financial journey.

At Goalry, they believe that the information they provide to their members is the missing link to positive financial outcomes. There is a lack of resources available to customers and Goalry works to fill in that gap. They are always working to improve the way that they operate to achieve the financial goals that customers want for themselves. That can be through communication, community, or just simple knowledge about financial situations.

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Features of Goalry

  • Financial MallThe financial mall is set up to help customers easily navigate the website. Each floor is set up with different information. At each level, the customer can find what they need and can easily navigate to it.
  • Finance Stores – These stores are set up to provide information according to the topic given. There are 10 different stores set up in the mall. The stores are Billry, Budgetry, Cashry, Debtry, Insurry, Loanry, Accury, and Creditry. Each store has different information regarding its topic.
  • Finance Education – This floor is set up to provide all the finance education in one place. It is a directory of all the stores that are on the financial stores level. On this floor, one can find blogs, 2000 articles, and 400 videos available for their use.
  • Social Community This floor of Goalry is set up to provide customers with the ability to communicate with others about their goals. They can engage with others, share their financial strength score, and work with others toward their goals.

How Goalry Works

Since Goalry is set up like a mall, users navigate the site the way they would shop in a large indoor setting, albeit virtually. They have stores that are set up with different items just like in a physical mall. With each store that they have, they provide new information, regarding a financial subject, to their customers. For example, the store, Billry, provides information regarding different kinds of bills and how to pay them. It also provides information on how to track spending and saving goals while also paying bills on time and efficiently. To achieve that, Billry also provides an overview of the spending that they do and the income that they receive.

Customers can navigate through the Goalry website much like they would their city’s shopping mall. Depending on what the customer needs, will also determine where they navigate to on the site. Every person and their financial goals are different. Goalry makes sure that they track all of these different possible goals. They work to accommodate everyone in this way.

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Alternatives to Goalry:

  • Wall Street Journal: There are a lot of print and online newspapers that publish information about finances. Wall Street Journal is one of the largest financial resources with up-to-date information. The problem with that is that there may not always be information that the customer needs. They may struggle to find the information and then they may not always be accurate. Goalry puts everything in the topic that it belongs in.
  • The Penny Hoarder: This is a site that is used to access resources about personal finances. Penny Hoarder is able to provide articles, topic information, and news regarding everyday living and expenses. The Penny Hoarder is able to break that down for people into a format to their liking.
  • My Money: There are sites that the government has set up that are designed to answer any financial questions. One of these sites is MyMoney.gov. This site provides the most up-to-date articles and resources for people. Like My Money, most of these sites only provide surface-level information. At Goalry, they work to provide answers to any or all questions that you may have, no matter how in-depth.
  • Forbes Money: Forbes Money is set up as a tool to show a diverse range of topics relating back to money. They have articles relating to stock market situation, loan forgiveness, financial planning, and more. Many find these types of articles very useful in understanding the current situation in the economy.
  • Nerd Wallet: Nerd wallet is able to help its consumers in many different financial fields. These include credit cards, investing, insurance, loans, banking, and travel. They provide financial articles to help increase knowledge of these topics as well as tools to track financial progress.

Goalry Reviews

According to BadCredit.com, Goalry has a very unique concept for money management and financial services. It focuses on something that hasn’t hit the market yet with any other products. Because of the fact that you can collect things such as badges, trophies, points, and rewards, it helps to create memories for the customer. This can be important on a financial journey as people look back and notice the progress that they were able to make along the way.

It also provides you with your financial strength score which gives you an idea of where you are in your financial journey. It can help lead you on the path to your financial goals. If the score is lower than you want it to be, you can take further action to increase it. There may be more in-depth steps that they may want to take or work on. If it is right where you want it, it can reassure you and help you to set new goals. The set goals have already been achieved.

People want to create memories with everything that they do. There must be a product that satisfies this need and Goalry works to do just that.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

Our Goalry review will answer some of the most common questions below.

Is Goalry legit?

Goalry is a completely legitimate institution. It is used as a reference site and gets all of the information that they provided by experts. All of the published articles that are available through the site are provided by them. They have the most accurate and up-to-date information about the subjects.

Would I be able to explore loan options on Goalry?

Goalry is able to show its members what type of loans they can get. They offer financial literature on these topics so that members will be able to better understand how these loans work and which one will work best for them.

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Will using Goalry Affect My Credit Score?

Goalry does not affect your credit score. It is designed to help you set up financial goals based on your current financial state. It takes into account savings, spending, credit cards and loans, and all other information imputed into the system. From there, it will help you set up goals along the way along with information about the subject.

Is the Data Entered by Users on Goalry’s Website Secure?

It is set up to protect the information that is put on the site. They use bank-level 256-bit encryption to protect the data that they have. They also use MX-powered security which connects to over 16,000 financial institutions and stores all the information using Amazon Web Services. This is the same server that is used by the Department of Defense and NASA.

They work to make sure that all of the information that is entered onto their site is secured and confidential. This makes using the site an extremely comforting process.

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Goalry Review Conclusion

Goalry works to be a fun and innovative way to learn about personal finance and how well or poorly a person is doing in meeting their financial goals. Yes, it can be scary to set goals for fear of not completing them. It can also be stressful at times for the consumer as they work to accomplish them. This is the purpose of setting something like this site up, to track them and make them easier to complete.

Goalry works on setting goals for its customers. It takes into account your spending, saving, and investing and gives you a financial health score. Taking this score into account, you can more easily make decisions about what goals to set for yourself and how to readjust in certain areas. It helps to prioritize while also educating yourself about the various financial topics. Customers can create memories on their financial journey while also accomplishing milestones, earning rewards, and learning along the way. So, if you want to have a better understanding of your finances and how to put them to work for you, you should definitely check Goalry out.

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