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If you have a home, apartment, or own a car, you already know that insurance is a major expense.

It can be agonizing to try to shop for insurance, too; just when you’re about to settle on an insurance plan to cover your home, apartment, or a new car, you find another company with slightly better rates. It doesn’t have to be that way, however.

Gone are the days when, in order to get the best insurance for your home or car, you would have to compare the best coverage available by calling around all day to brokers, researching insurance companies, and then comping all of their coverages on a homemade chart or spreadsheet. Ultimately these types of searches end up being futile, and the person needing insurance coverage gets tired out and selects the insurance quote that is the most affordable.  

Today, you can comparison shop for the insurance coverage you need with ease and choose a policy to fit your needs with confidence. Online platforms like Gabi have given consumers the power to easily compare insurance policies side by side and made it easier than ever to make an informed choice about insurance. There is now more than ever a more convenient way to research insurers in the comfort of your environment; this lets you glance through the best names in the insurance industry while taking control of the process. 

So, if you’re getting ready to shop around for insurance, here is a review of Gabi, so you can determine if it would be a good tool to help in your hunt for the policy coverage you need. 

Onto our review!

Gabi Insurance Review

Gabi saves its customers an average of $961 on insurance. Review

Let’s get started with our review:

Services Offered: Gabi Insurance Quotes

Although Gabi auto insurance is their specialty, they also offer insurance policies for the following:

  • Gabi Car Insurance
  • Gabi Home Insurance
  • Gabi Renter Insurance
  • Gabi Auto Insurance
  • Gabi Umbrella Insurance
  • Gabi Landlord Insurance
Gabi Review

Compare Insurance Quotes – Gabi App Review

You can comparison shop for the insurance coverage you need with ease and choose a policy to fit your needs with confidence.

Online platforms like Gabi have put the power to easily compare insurance policies side by side into the hands of consumers. Here is an overview of Gabi software, so you can determine if it would be a good tool to help in your hunt for a great insurance policy.

Gabi For Car Insurance

Compare car and home insurance rates of over 40 major companies with

The process starts when you create an account and upload a copy of your insurance policy.

Afterward, you’ll receive information on different insurance company coverage plans and learn pricing information in a matter of minutes.

But, how effectively does this website comparison site work?

Let’s discuss what was uncovered while using the Gabi insurance comparison tool with our Gabi review.

Gabi Insurance Review

What is Gabi?

Is Gabi legit? Gabi, founded in 2016 in San Francisco, is an online platform designed to help consumers find the most affordable car, home, renters, condo, landlord, and umbrella insurance policies. The site is registered in all 50 states and allows users to identify their requirements, then rapidly generates a list of policies to easily compare their coverage and rates. Gabi is a free service, it doesn’t charge subscribers for using the platform to compare insurance policies; instead, it makes money from insurance companies when its subscribers use the platform to select and purchase a policy. 

Experts advise clients to compare insurance rates at least three times each year to determine the best premiums payable on the best coverage. But the general experience of comparing, quoting, and insurance purchasing is time-consuming and very frustrating, to say the least. Even when you hire an independent broker, it is often difficult to know the best deals on premiums because of the very many options for you to compare.

With Gabi, the job of comparing and getting the best rates on insurance premiums for a cover becomes an easy and fast process. Gabi is an online marketplace where clients can easily compare auto, home, and other insurance coverage. The platform acts as a one-stop center for all there is to find on insurance. Gabi brings together some of the biggest names in insurance as well as some insurance startups, and lets you compare these companies side-by-side, so you can find the best value on premiums.

Who owns Gabi insurance? Hanno Fichtner is co-founder and CEO of Gabi Personal Insurance Agency, Inc.

Gabi Logo

Features that Set Gabi Apart

Gabi offers the best services in the quickest ways possible. With just a click you get access to all there is to know about insurance companies’ rates. When using Gabi, the features look simple, but with a more cursory look at the platform you would find out it’s more than meets the eye. The platform is arguably one of the best online marketplaces you can find, with a whole suite of features that set Gabi apart from its competitors.

The Gabi platform offers premium rapid-fire insurance rate comparison services. In just a few minutes, you get access to quotes by a wide range of insurance vendors across the United States (this process might take longer if you manually upload your insurance policy). In fact, the platform gives you the most affordable premium with the best coverage in the market in two to three minutes, which is faster than any insurance broker would have feedback for you.

Also, when you intend to compare insurance rates on the platform, Gabi offers you this service with the least number of administrative requirements that you can find in the market. You don’t have to go through unnecessary formalities or bureaucratic procedures to get the information you seek; all you need to do is click and link your accounts and that is it. So, you can leave the questionnaires and forms aside and get down to the brass tacks of comparing affordable insurance quotes. 

The platform also lets you link your insurance account with ease. All it takes is two minutes for the insurance account linking process on the platform. If you are getting on the platform and you are used to the insurance market, with an account login at hand, all that is required of you is to link your current insurance account to your Gabi platform. If you don’t feel comfortable linking that account, you can also upload your current insurance coverage manually on the Gabi platform. Once this is done, Gabi accesses the insurance cover data in order to find you the best rates applicable. 

Additionally, if you currently do not have insurance coverage, Gabi can still be extremely helpful. The platform offers clients without insurance the best insurance coverage suggestions in the market. Gabi has made a name for itself by offering the quickest quote in the market after gathering some basic information from the client. Gabi is well suited for first-time insurance clients who seek the best options to obtain insurance coverage while staying in control and avoiding the stress and time involved in traditional insurance comparison methods. It allows beginners to sail through the process with ease. When you have made up your mind on the insurance company you want, Gabi allows you to select it right through its platform, which saves you even more time. 

Read on for more of our review.

Establishing a Gabi Account

Accounts created on Gabi are very easy to use with bright colors that put your senses at ease at every use. The account can be used to identify policies that have been linked to the account, shows the quotes from other insurance companies, and allows you to add information on insurance policies to receive quotes from them.

At any time when you forget your account login credentials, all you need to do is click a 4-digit passcode sent from Gabi to your phone to sign in; it’s that simple and convenient.

After registering on Gabi, if you choose not to go ahead with the quote, or Gabi was unable to get a quote that suits your taste, Gabi will create an account for you where all your info will be stored. In the following days, Gabi would send you info, usually through emails or text messages indicating that a quote that suits your expectation has been found. This account signaling is very helpful, especially in situations where the premiums for coverage are subject to change.

Prices on Gabi

This is the best part of Gabi; the platform offers services for its users to compare insurance policies for free. There are no hidden costs, no administrative fees, obligations, or any other hidden costs. Most clients have claimed that Gabi saves them significant amounts of money; in fact, on average, consumers report that Gabi saves them approximately $961 each year on insurance premiums. Additionally, it should be noted that all of the money deposited for premiums through the Gabi app goes directly to insurance companies, and Gabi does not receive any commissions.  

So, if it does not receive commissions, how does Gabi make money through the services it provides?  Gabi’s earns revenue whenever users purchase coverage on the platform; in most cases, insurance companies provide a cut of the premium paid on covers as a commission to Gabi. Gabi is also a licensed broker in the United States, so every time you see a quote on the platform, there is a tendency to assume the insurance company has paid one form of sponsorship or the other. However, Gabi refuses to give priority to the best-paying insurance companies, so you can be comfortable that you are getting the impartial, merit-based recommendations on the platform.

Things We Like About the Gabi Insurance Tool

Before sites like Policygenius and Gabi came into existence, comparison shopping for insurance was difficult.

It required you to call individual insurance corporations or speak with insurance agents, who mostly offered information on a small number of policy options. 

Gabi online makes vast improvements to the old ways of doing things. Here’s what we enjoy about their insurance tool:

Even the uninsured can find an affordable policy

Let’s say you’ve just bought your dream car. Before legally pulling off the lot, you’ll need car insurance. Your car salesman reminds you of this fact and says that she knows a wonderful insurance agent. 

So, together you give the agent a call, and you’re given a price that you can afford. How do you know that this agent’s policy provides the best insurance at the lowest cost?

As a Gabi user, this situation simply won’t occur. You’ll know right away whether you should go with that insurance agent, or with a policy that will provide better or less expensive coverage. 

It’s a great way to find insurance if you’ve had a lapse in your policy or if this is your first time signing up for insurance coverage.

  • Suitable for insurance newbies
  • Great for insurance shopping
  • Compare pricing from several different insurance companies
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Save time and money by comparing on the spot quotes
  • Find a better deal than your existing coverage

You can save money on insurance, without conducting extensive research

There are several types of auto insurance. Insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage, liability coverage, personal injury protection, and many other auto policies. 

When you upload your insurance policy on Gabi, they look at your current form of insurance and compare similar coverage rates. 

This way, you’ll find the same type of insurance coverage that best suits you.

The process of signing up, entering your insurance policy, and reviewing quotes is done quickly

If you connect your insurance provider with Gabi, you’ll have competing quotes from insurance vendors within minutes. 

Couple that with the fact that 70% of Gabi users end up saving hundreds of dollars annually and it’s difficult to decide against creating your own account.

Even if you are one of the users that currently have the best insurance rate available, the process is so quick that learning this information alone is still worth the time.

Compare auto and home insurance rates of over 40 major companies with The process starts when you create an account and upload a copy of your insurance policy.

Afterward, you’ll receive information on different insurance company coverage plans and learn pricing information in a matter of minutes. But, how effectively does this website comparison site work? Let’s discuss what was uncovered while using the Gabi insurance comparison tool.

How Does Gabi Work?

Gabi is super easy to use. The first thing must do to use this platform is sign up for your Gabi account. This is normally a quick process; just fill out the forms that the site walks you through, which contain your basic personal information and provide your current insurance account; you can do this in a few different ways, all of them quick and easy.

Once your profile is complete, you can use Gabi to generate a comparison of your current coverage to other available policies. If you see a policy that you like – either because of the coverage, cost, deductibles, etc. – you can select that coverage directly through the platform.  Gabi also has a mobile app you can use to comparison shop for insurance on your smartphone or tablet as well.

Within a few minutes, you can compare insurance companies with Gabi. Here are the simple steps to follow:

Register for the platform. 

You’ll need to provide the typical information you would give to an insurance company. This includes your name, email, date of birth, address, and cellphone number. After this step, you’ve successfully established your account.

As you can tell, there are two ways to go about this. You can link your account by putting your insurance company website credentials into a secure sign-in form.

However, if privacy is a concern, then visit your insurance company’s website and download a copy of your insurance policy. Once you’ve done that, upload the policy to your Gabi account.

As a quick note, not all insurance providers currently link with Gabi. Depending on who your current provider is, you might need to wait 24 to 48 hours to connect your account.

Provide the necessary details to receive the right quotes.

You’ll likely need to provide additional details to begin your search for a new insurance provider. This may include information like: 

  • The type of car you own
  • Your car’s current mileage
  • If you’re a renter or homeowner, and
  • Whether you’re currently uninsured
Gabi Insurance

Gabi Insurance Quotes

Once you’re done providing information, you’ll see a list of insurance providers and discover how much money you can save by switching to another company. You can even buy the new policy right on the Gabi website. The Gabi car insurance rates are extremely competitive and can save drivers hundreds of dollars a year.

Gabi Insurance Eligibility Requirements

To use Gabi, you must be at least 13 years of age or older, and you must sign up for a Gabi account. Additionally, you must link your current insurance coverage to your Gabi account as well.

This allows the platform to effectively generate a comparison of similar policies for you later on. You may also have to fill out additional details later on to better enable the platform to generate an effective comparison, such as type of new car or location of a home you’re planning to purchase, amount of driving you do, etc.

However, if you do not currently have insurance, you can still use the platform to hunt for a new policy as well.

Gabi Customer Service

If you need to contact Gabi, there are two primary methods to do so:

  • Email. You can email Gabi at [email protected]
  • Chat. If you are a registered user, you can use an online chat function to communicate with a Gabi representative.

Gabi Reviews

Gabi only has one review on Trustpilot, so Gabi insurance reviews cannot be accurately assessed there. However, the platform is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and carries an “A” rating with the BBB. Review Pros and Cons

Here are some of the key pros and cons for Gabi you should consider with our review: 


  • Free. The Gabi platform is free to use; since Gabi makes its money from users selecting insurance to purchase through the platform, its users never have to pay anything at any point during the process of comparison shopping for new insurance policies there. 
  • Ease of Use.  It is really easy to sign up for Gabi, and the policy comparison quotes make it easy to choose an insurance plan that is the right fit for your personal situation. 
  • Savings. Using Gabi can save you real money. The site claims that its users save an average of $825 per year on their insurance expenses. Additionally, Gabi will save you time as well. Instead of calling insurance companies or looking at each one individually online as you search for the best policy, Gabi will do the work for you. 


  • Somewhat Limited Search. While Gabi is registered in all 50 states and does conduct a comprehensive quote search, it doesn’t work with every single insurance company; the comparison report you receive may be missing a company that has better coverage, more competitive prices, or both. 
  • Non-Binding Quotes. When you comparison shop for insurance on Gabi, the quotes you receive from the insurance companies are non-binding; they could change after you start dealing with an actual insurance company and provide them additional information.

Gabi Alternatives

There are similar online platforms offering services comparable to Gabi; these sites include: 

All of these Gabi competitors work differently; some, such as Insurify, focus on car or other types of insurance. They are worth checking out to see if they could help you find good, affordable insurance coverage.

Ease Of Use

Using the Gabi website is incredibly simple. It was launched in 2016 by several partners in San Francisco who understand the insurance agency and modern online marketplaces.

The website navigation is straightforward, and the directions are always clear, so you’ll never get lost. This is the site to use if you want to compare home, renter, auto, umbrella, or landlord insurance policies.

  • Easy to use
  • Straightforward navigation
  • Clear directions
  • Ability to compare policies

How does Gabi use your data?

There’s always a concern that a company online might sell your data. Let’s be honest, no one wants to receive random calls or emails from insurance agents.

That’s why Gabi has a clear privacy policy and promises to keep your information secure.

They will not sell your data and only provide it to third parties when needed to complete a transaction.

  • Clear privacy policy
  • Won’t sell your data

Need to Compare Insurance Rates? Give a Try!

The process of finding the right insurance policy used to be a headache which is why we have written this review. You were lucky if you knew an insurance agent, and even then, it was difficult to compare rates. That isn’t the case anymore.

Don’t fret or waste hours trying to find the best insurance for your home, apartment, or car. Instead, put Gabi to work finding the insurance for you. While the platform has some minor shortcomings, it can be a great tool for finding the insurance coverage you need right now. It will save you time, and it could save you some real money as well. Review: Parting Thoughts

Is Gabi legitimate? Yes, Gabi is an established online platform to help you search for the best possible quotes. If you want to find the lowest price for the best insurance policy, then makes it easy. Try it today and see whether you’re spending more money on insurance than you should be.

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Gabi saves its customers an average of $961 on insurance. Try

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