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EasyKnock Review 2022 [Pros, Cons, & Pricing]

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EasyKnock Review

It can often be difficult trying to pay all of your bills or meet every demand on your paycheck alone. There are many instances where a long-term loan would go a long way to making sure you can pay all of your monthly expenses. Getting a loan even with a mortgage on your home isn’t as easy as most of us would like, especially when you’ve got a less than stellar credit rating. This is where EasyKnock comes in.

EasyKnock offers you the opportunity of selling your home while retaining possession of the property through a lease. With this process, your credit scores are not needed for you to get that desired fund.

Here is an in-depth look at EasyKnock, so you can decide if this innovative platform could help meet your financial needs. 

Is EasyKnock legit? Onto our EasyKnock review!

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What is EasyKnock?

EasyKnock is the United States’ first residential home sales leaseback provider. The company claims to have made the business of sourcing funds using your homes more advanced and equipped for future challenges. EasyKnock doesn’t direct homeowners to mortgage companies or provide home equity lines of credit nor does it provide reverse mortgage services, rather the company purchases your house and lets you lease it.  

EasyKnock was founded in 2016 by Morgan Stanley’s former executive director and Jarred Kessler, a former Equities Global Head at Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. based in New York. The founder claims EasyKnock was inspired by the demand he saw in many American consumers, who wished to acquire more flexible financing options for selling or purchasing their homes.

The company doesn’t act as a bank or a moneylender; instead, all that EasyKnock does is buy your house and lease it back to you. The company proudly claims to offer a unique option for homeowners with bad credit, or those who have been denied a home equity loan in the recent past.

EasyKnock empowers American homeowners to sell their homes, derive the value from their sale, and then remain in the house as tenants. The company has been rated high in best business practices by some of the biggest consumer monitoring organizations. The company offers you the ease and luxury of having access to finance and keeping your home in the process.

Read on for an in depth look at the services offered with our EasyKnock review.


The platform offers the best alternative equity you can find, providing a fantastic alternative to the conventional financing options to consumers who own homes at the present time but have poor credit. In fact, The biggest selling feature for EasyKnock company is that, unlike conventional lenders, credit scores are not the main focus but the home of the client. So, technically, EasyKnock provides a unique alternative to home equity, allowing homeowners to turn their homes into powerful financial assets and put them to work. 

The process starts with EasyKnock purchasing homes belonging to clients. These homes could range from townhomes to single-family homes, condos, and so on. After purchase, the company then offers the former homeowner the option to rent the property on any of three programs: The Sell and Stay option, the EasyKnock MoveAbility, and the EasyKnock ReLease. Once the choice has been made by the former homeowner, the transaction comes into place. 

EasyKnock Logo

Features That Set EasyKnock Apart

EasyKnock has become popular in a short period of time for many reasons. The platform has many great features that not surprisingly, have endeared it to users.

Those features include:  

EasyKnock Fees and Costs

When dealing with EasyKnock, you should be aware of all of the costs associated with its various services. To start with, when you sell and re-purchase your property, EasyKnock would charge fees on both transactions.  

The processing fee is perhaps the first fee paid by homeowners to the company for the services delivered. Homeowners pay 2.5% of the price paid by EasyKnock to the homeowner for the property.

Another fee payable is the traditional closing cost that you would have with any home selling transaction. This fee comes in two ways; if you’re selling your property to the company, you pay the company the closing fee. If you purchased the property from EasyKnock, the closing fee would be paid by the company to the homeowner.

Rents are another source of income for EasyKnock. The company and the former homeowner retain a landlord-tenant relationship, and as a tenant, he or she will pay the platform rent. The average rent on EasyKnock is 0.75% a month.

Finally, if you use the EasyKnock Sell and Stay option, you will have the option of either repurchasing your home at a later date or eventually moving elsewhere. If you repurchase the home, you will pay a predetermined price set at the time of the original transaction. Alternatively, if you decide to move, you will instead receive the difference between the final sale price and the predetermined price. There will be some transaction costs involved in either of these options which vary from case to case.

Quick Repayment Terms

If you are looking for a very quick-paying program to buy a new house or fund your business, then EasyKnock is the company for you. The company offers you the option to buy your house and allows you to get it in the shortest time possible. This flexibility in payment is what clients hold dear to the company.

EasyKnock has grown over the years with phenomenal progress in the financial aid market. The company has received accolades from Forbes, Financial Times, and so on. The payment fee is among the best prices offered by the market and the most flexible option to live in the property and until you are ready to leave.

Sell and Stay

The Sell and Stay is another incredible feature offered by EasyKnock. The company lets you sell your property, and gives you the option of buying back the property when your finances are stable, or renting the property while you await financial stability. 

The rent payable on the property is lesser than the usual market value of the rent payable to the same property, giving everyone a win-win experience. Check out more details on the Sell and Stay later on below.

Use the EasyKnock calculator to figure out how much you can access.

Sale-Leaseback Program

Here is another one-of-a-kind feature offered by EasyKnock. Getting a mortgage from EasyKnock has never been easier; all you need to do is sell your home at the market price and subsequently lease it for 2 years. In this case, you will be able to get the money you need and still get to keep your house; this is the service that most EasyKnock clients rate the highest.

The entire purchase process takes about 14 days. From there, homeowners get access to over 70% of the value of the home upfront. If you decide to move out of the property, EasyKnock will pay you the complete difference on the property, too. 

This feature offered by EasyKnock is a fabulous way to streamline all your housing concerns and reduce the cost payable on rent on the property, as well as other expenses. You should know that the debt from your property such as bills, insurance, taxes, and so on, would be addressed by the company. Additionally, you are free to renew your lease on EasyKnock every year at a different price, annually as well. 

MoveAbility Program

You can sell your home easily with EasyKnock, too, which is a great fit when you intend to get a new home and want to use your present home as a basis for the purchase of the new one. Finding a buyer for your present home and at the same time getting a good offer for your new place can almost be impossible to accomplish. So, EasyKnock comes in to ease the stress by purchasing your property and allowing you to rent it subsequently after purchase. While you are renting the property, you can scout on the most suitable property for you. 

Customer Support

The company’s customer support is highly respected among consumers as well as the financial services industry. EasyKnock has been mentioned by CBS, Forbes, Business Insider, Fox Business, CNBC, to mention a few. The company boasts a medium-sized but dedicated staff strength of 50 employees that works from several different cities across the U.S. Currently, the platform has a presence in the city of Charlotte, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. Note that the company is located in all 50 states of the U.S but doesn’t function totally in all states, so it is advisable to investigate the company on its website to see how best to work with the platform.  

EasyKnock’s customer support can be reached through a wide range of means, including phone, email, and fax. The platform’s customer support team responds quickly, especially on weekdays. Again, first-time users can call on customer support for further assistance on clarity about their programs or other matters as well. Also, users can keep tabs on whatever is going on with EasyKnock through the company’s official site, too.

The EasyKnock phone number is: 844-888-9213

Programs under EasyKnock

How does EasyKnock work? Our EasyKnock review goes into detail of each of the programs on offer.

Sell and Stay: 

The Sell and Stay feature from EasyKnock allows you to sell your home while retaining possession of the property. With the Sell and Stay feature, EasyKnock buys your house, gives you the value of the house, and allows you to pay rent on the property to the new landlord, EasyKnock. 

The Sell and Stay feature offers financial relief for clients who seek funds and are willing to mortgage their property in the process; without necessarily losing possession of the property. The tenant is also allowed to re-purchase the property when his or her finances improve.

Sell and Stay Lease Details: 

Under this feature, EasyKnock buys a home from homeowners and lets them rent the property back for as long as they want. Rents are guided by a 2.5% benchmark or the annual consumer price index. Also, EasyKnock allows the lease to renew yearly.

One unique feature of the Sell and Stay lease is that it terminates on the move of the tenant. Once the tenant decides to end the lease, the transaction contract itself comes to an end.

EasyKnock MoveAbility: 

This feature is a one-of-a-kind feature that lets its users easily plan during a contingency. The thought of having to start up an event and failing because you lacked the needed funds can be frustrating. 

The moveability feature offers you the opportunity of taking control while you sort out your housing problems. For instance, if you sold your house for $40,000 and intend to build a new property somewhere else, the construction of the new house can take up to 3 months. It would be highly inconvenient to have to pack your bags and other items and move to another location after the sale. That’s where EasyKnock MoveAbility comes in, allowing you to stay in the sold home pending the completion of your new home. 

EasyKnock charges you a fee as rent for the MoveAbility service. The charges are calculated on a graduated structure with a 1% fee of the amount of the property, charged for every six months, and charged twice a year.

EasyKnock ReLease: 

The ReLease program from EasyKnock helps you get away from taxes piled up on a property. The feature lets you sell your house to EasyKnock when your property tax, mortgages, homeowners dues, and other home-related taxes have built up significantly. EasyKnock acquires your home and settles these debts in turn, while letting you stay in the house indefinitely without an option to purchase the property. The company also saves money by buying an already existing insurance plan, rather than acquire a separate new one.

If you are considering undertaking the ReLease program with EasyKnock, you should be aware that the minimum term for the lease is 2 years. After the initial 2-year period you can renew for every additional year in the future at an annual increased rent of 2.5% or the Consumer Percentage Change.

Why EasyKnock Is Not a Reverse Mortgage

A Reverse mortgage is a financial service offered by institutions to homeowners who are 62 years old and above. The institution offers a loan to the homeowner, and the collateral to the loan is derived from the homeowner’s equity. When the homeowner dies or relocates to a healthcare facility for a long period of time, the bank then sells the property to recover the loan.

The case is different when it comes to EasyKnock’s programs. Firstly, neither of the three programs require an age limit to participate. The services are open to persons of all ages. Again, EasyKnock doesn’t offer loans to people; instead, the company in essence becomes your landlord from a previously bought home owned by you. There is no need for creditworthiness or detailed paperwork that is required with reverse mortgages, either. 

EasyKnock Reviews

EasyKnock Reviews & Complaints

EasyKnock has solid reviews from a variety of users on a wide range of platforms. The company gathered an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, a rating gathered by over 40 reviewers. 

On Trustpilot, EasyKnock claimed 4.3 stars out of a 5 stars rating. The reviews were gathered by over 60 reviewers and have been placed on an excellent standard. 

The majority of the reviewers claim EasyKnock’s consistency and the ability to pull off a cheap fee structure.

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EasyKnock Competitors

Comparison With Other Competitors in The Market

Our EasyKnock review compares EasyKnock alternatives and competitors. Companies like EasyKnock are listed below.

EasyKnock Competitors:

EasyKnock was the first American company to offer services on sale and re-lease of homes. However, today, several other financial platforms offer services similar to EasyKnock’s. Here are five other companies that can be considered alternatives to EasyKnock:

  • AmeriSave: AmeriSave is a mortgage institution that acts similarly to EasyKnock. The company offers a wide range of loan activities from home refinancing and others. However, AmeriSave requires a minimum credit rating of 620. This is in stark contrast to EasyKnock, which does not conduct a credit rating review before offering to sell your home and offer you finances in turn. 

Also, AmeriSave requires you to make a down payment of 3% of the value of your property before they undertake the transaction, this is not required in EasyKnock’s programs.

  • NBKC: this is another financial service provider similar to EasyKnock. The company offers long-term and short-term loans to homeowners and a variety of other clients through a wide range of loan schemes. However, just like AmeriSave, the NBKC requires a 620 minimum credit score for the client to unlock some of the best loan offers given by the platform. 
  • QuickerLoans: this platform shares a huge relationship with EasyKnock. Both companies are limited to house re-financing options.  Nonetheless, the platform has a demand deposit of 3% and a minimum credit requirement of 620, which makes EasyKnock a superior option for people with poor credit.
  • Credible: Credible offers services that EasyKnock offers and more. The company is celebrated for offering a wide range of loan products at the best rates. Credible is very similar to EasyKnock; for example, both companies require 0% deposit and 0 minimum credit ratings before you can access their services. 

However, Credible falls short of EasyKnock in a few ways. First, Credible has a minimum and maximum credit to be taken, which is not the case when it comes to EasyKnock. Additionally, many reviews indicate that it has a poor customer service track record, with customers aiming much of their ire at how long it takes to get some sort of response from the platform when they raise an issue.

  • LendingTree: LendingTree offers a wide variety of loan products. The platform collects fees on registration and also has considerably high-interest rates on loans as well. However, LendingTree also differs from EasyKnock in several different ways. For starters, EasyKnock offers assistance to purchase your home and allows you to rent it at the same time. Additionally, EasyKnock does not require any sort of credit score rating before using any of its services. 

EasyKnock Pros and Cons

Here are a few Pros and Cons of EasyKnock as food for thought as you evaluate whether or not this financial services platform would be a good fit for your current situation. 

EasyKnock review pros and cons:


  • EasyKnock assists in the payment of your homeowners’ fees, homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, and other dues payable on your home. This intuitively makes sense, since if you are using the platform, then your property has been sold and you living on the premises as a tenant, and all those bills and dues are the owner’s (i.e., EasyKnock’s) responsibility.
  • EasyKnock in many cases offers a better option than equity loans. Instead of going through the headache of calculating your house equity, or if you aren’t excited about recurring interest payments, then this option would be preferable.
  • The EasyKnock platform is a great fit for you if you’re saddled with a poor credit rating. In fact, if you do have questionable credit, EasyKnock may be one of the few programs out there that can give you some financial flexibility. 
  • Future rents payable can easily be accessed for long-term renters because there is a particular increase per year, especially for the EasyKnock ReLease. This predictability makes the system easy to manage and gives consumers peace of mind as well.
  • Fast and efficient closing. The platform offers a fast closing for all transactions. In most cases, it takes about two weeks to close the sale transaction.


  • In order to use EasyKnock, you must cede total ownership of your property. If your home has been passed down through the generations or is important to the community as a whole, this could be a truly unpalatable option. 
  • You could become a tenant forever without the means to finance and get your property back, especially if you continue to struggle financially. 
  • You are denied the right to reclaim your property in the MoveAbility program, which would not be the case with a traditional lender. 

EasyKnock Review Wrap Up

EasyKnock has been redefining homeownership and providing new ways to unlock the investment potential of people’s homes for over ten years now.  The company made its mark by providing an innovative financial product backed by outstanding and responsive customer service. If you think you need to use your home to help finance other financial priorities in your life, you should definitely check out EasyKnock and see what it has to offer you.


Thanks for reading our EasyKnock Review.

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