DEAR Systems Review

DEAR Systems Review [App, POS, Pricing, Requirements 2021]

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DEAR Systems Review

DEAR Systems PVT Ltd is a software company founded by a group of software developers and financial advisors.

This cloud-based inventory system is comprehensive, affordable, and complies with all the industry standards of accounting systems.

DEAR Systems is used as a complex platform by e-commerce shops, retailers, light manufacturers, and wholesalers in need of order and inventory management, POS, and a custom B2B platform. 

Onto our DEAR Systems review!

Dear Systems Review of Features

In the next sections, we discuss the DEAR Systems features and services available.

DEAR Systems Main Features 

DEAR Systems is an inventory management platform with numerous functions.

It is specially designed by financial advisors to help users improve the quality of their purchasing decisions, making businesses more profitable, and attain key competitive advantages.

In addition to this, DEAR Systems helps to monitor the costs of raw materials and labor required to manufacture goods. 

Inventory Management

The platform shows inventory levels and users can set up automatic reorders when a certain level of products is reached.

Adjustments are also available, so the inventory remains on top of your business needs.

The DEAR Systems app allows users to connect on the go and stay up to date at all times.

DEAR Systems POS

The DEAR Systems POS is a platform that ensures smooth integration with the DEAR Inventory. In other words, customers can purchase goods using in-store POS and the platform automatically syncs the DEAR inventory platform. 

In addition to this, the POS system has an offline function. It accepts and caches sales even in the case of offline registers. When the register is connected again, the DEAR Systems POS server automatically syncs all the transactions. 

The number of outlets registered and supported by DEAR Systems POS is unlimited and there is no charge for it. If your business is in multiple locations, this feature is cost-saving and extremely time-efficient.

DEAR Systems POS can integrate with Paymentsense, Tyro, and even Vantiv triPOS. 

DEAR Systems App

Additional Features

DEAR Systems is suitable for all types of businesses and industries, including food manufacturing, fashion, agriculture, technology, and more.

All functions are facilitated by its top features, order and stock management, which are basic requirements across all industries. E-commerce businesses use DEAR Systems to manage their sales channels, while the logistics capabilities help to optimize the budget and manufacturing processes. 

In addition to this, DEAR Systems comes with impressive efficiency and functionality characteristics that help businesses take advantage of each sale opportunity.

With this inventory management system, firms can restock or maintain certain levels, while the accounting features are boosted by simple integrations with Intuit, Xero, and others. 

DEAR Systems Pricing

DEAR Systems Pricing

DEAR Systems offers a 30-day free trial when users choose a yearly subscription or a 14-day free trial on all the other plans.

The base package includes all the features of the software, including multiple support options. The base package accepts only five users, but more can be added by purchasing the additional user package.

The yearly subscription plan can also be billed monthly. 

The annual subscription is $249 billed monthly or $2,739 per year. It includes non-stop DEAR Systems support via tickets, accounting integration, payment processors.

The main features of the base package include:

  • Advanced purchasing with multiple invoices on the same order
  • Reordering alerts
  • Supplier and inventory reporting
  • Purchase cost analysis
  • Stock received versus invoice analysis
  • Orders approvals
  • Minimum before reordering level reminders
  • Advanced sales
  • Multi-currency
  • Dropshipping
  • Custom prices for selected customers
  • Shipping zones
  • Discounts, deals, and coupons

Apart from this, the basic plan also comes with an extensive list of product features and integrations.

There are also a few customization options available:

  • Up to 5 users included, each extra user is $50 per month
  • DEAR API is $50 per month
  • Dear B2B portal is $50 per month
  • DEAR Systems POS is $50 per month
  • External integrations are $50 each but there are already 2 integrations included
DEAR Systems Pricing

DEAR Systems Support

DEAR Systems support might be one of the few limitations of the software that could make you feel frustrated in case you prefer live support when you encounter issues.

The customer service team, however, is usually very quick to offer assistance, but they are only available via tickets. If you prefer chat or phone support, you may find it lacking. 

Despite this shortcoming, DEAR received praise from its customers in terms of friendliness, quality of service, and response time. They also provide extensive documentation when it comes to all their features and functions. 

Many people choose to search DEAR Systems on YouTube in order to find quick training videos that help them solve their issues. The implementation of the software can be quite confusing, especially for beginners.

There are numerous videos to help you out and you can always opt for trial-and-error.

DEAR Systems Alternatives

DEAR Systems VS Unleashed

Unleashed is a great software choice for retailers based in the UK that have both manufacturing and retail processes. There are some hidden costs, but, unlike DEAR, Unleashed has a customizable pricing plan.

It is important to check if the e-commerce platform of your business is supported before opting for Unleashed. 

On the other hand, DEAR Systems is the perfect choice for medium-sized businesses with five employees or more. It is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that has a broad range of tools.

These help you save time and improve efficiency on all tasks from sales fulfillment to reordering or maintaining your inventory level. It also includes a POS system, third-party integrations, reporting, and many more. 

While Unleashed is directed towards a smaller range of companies, DEAR Systems can cater to all types of needs for small and independent businesses.

However, DEAR Systems might not be sufficient for large enterprises. 


All in all, DEAR Systems is one of the most intuitive and efficient platforms for order and inventory management.

It supports numerous external integrations and helps you to monitor the cost of raw materials and labor required for the final goods.

This is extremely important if you want to optimize your business and capitalize on selling opportunities.

The software is suitable for small- to medium-sized businesses due to its affordable DEAR Systems pricing plan and extensive features that streamline many of your daily operations. 

Dear Systems Free Trial

Get started with your free trial and find out if DEAR Systems is a good fit for your needs

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