Compare Home Insurance Quotes

Compare Home Insurance Quotes [Online Homeowners Comparison 2022]

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Compare Home Insurance Quotes

Homeowners insurance can be expensive and it can be really tricky to find all the coverage you need for your home.

Shopping for insurance has often been challenging, too; it can be difficult to determine whether you’ve gotten an affordable policy or enough coverage, or if there were better policy choices out there that you just failed to find on your own.

However, thanks to the internet and consumers’ desire to go online to find bargains, these days it is easier than ever to comparison shop for a good homeowner’s insurance policy that fits your needs.

Here is some great information on how to take a commonsense approach to homeowners insurance shopping, and some good online resources you can use in your quest to insure your own home. 

Now, let’s compare home insurance quotes!

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Buying Homeowners Insurance

When you’re purchasing homeowners insurance, the first step you should take is determining exactly home much insurance you need.

In some cases, the mortgage lender you are working with may provide requirements that the bank has for insurance coverage.

In other cases, you may need to determine on your own what the replacement costs for your property actually are.

Insurance agents can help you with some of this work. Next, you’ll need to determine your deductible or the amount of money you’ll pay on repairs to your home before the insurance policy kicks in.

Policies with higher deductibles generally have lower premiums or costs. However, many of the repairs you’d need to use your insurance for only cost a few hundred dollars, so you’ll need to determine if that lower premium is really worth it. 

As you prepare to shop around for homeowners insurance, it may make sense to first check with the company you are using to insure your car, motorcycle, or boat.

In many cases, insurers will give customers discounts on homeowners and other insurance policies if they are already insuring other assets for them.

You should also determine if you can invest in home improvements that will help reduce your homeowner’s insurance cost, such as a burglar or fire alarm system; installing these safety and security measures can really help lower your premium.

Finally, whenever you are comparison shopping for policy quotes, you should also assess the quality of the insurance companies you are considering as well.

The insurance company’s quality or reliability won’t be captured in their price quotes or descriptions of their coverage; instead, you’ll need to look online for customer reviews and at the Better Business Bureau.

Even if a company has great prices, you don’t want to work with an insurance provider that has a poor history of supporting its customers when they make claims. 

As you begin looking for your homeowners insurance, there are many online platforms that make shopping for and comparing homeowners insurance policies easier than ever.

Here are several of the better websites you should bookmark as you start your search to compare home insurance quotes. 

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Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Compare Home Insurance Quotes Online


If you already have homeowners insurance but are looking for a better deal, you should try using Gabi. Gabi is an insurance comparison platform that takes information about your current homeowners insurance policy, uploads it, and then searches for deals on similar policies at better prices.

The site is super easy to use; you just use Gabi’s online forms to provide information about your home and your current policy, and the site will generate quotes on comparable homeowners policies for you to consider.

So, if there is a better deal out there on homeowners insurance, chances are Gabi can find it for you. It won’t cost you anything either, since Gabi is free to use. 


When you’re shopping online for homeowners insurance, one of the first stops you should make is PolicyGenius. PolicyGenius is an online insurance broker that helps its users find the best possible insurance coverage for their personal situations.

It is a great choice for comparison shopping for homeowners insurance, as well as other types of insurance policies as well. The platform has a powerful comparison tool that can help you look at different policies, their costs, deductibles, and the types of coverage they provide, so you can make an informed choice about which policy you’d prefer.

Best of all, PolicyGenius is absolutely free to use, too. 

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Insurify is another insurance comparison platform you should visit as you search for your homeowners insurance policy.

Insurify allows you to upload some basic information about yourself and your home on an online form. Once you do, the site generates a comparison field with several different insurance policies and price quotes to review.

If you end up liking one of the policies, you can travel from Insurify right to the insurance company, where you can apply for and purchase your homeowners insurance. 

Also, since Insurify makes all of its money from referrals to insurance companies, the platform is free to use.  


Everquote is another insurance comparison site worth checking out. This platform places a special emphasis on finding local or regional insurers to provide your homeowners insurance.

You simply upload some basic information about your home, where it’s located, and yourself into the platform.

Then, Everquote will connect you to insurers in your area that you are already prequalified for so that you can compare various homeowners insurance policies that are available.

If you like one of the policies that the site provides you, you can then pick the coverage and price that is right for you and your home.

If you’re looking for a company that is relatively close by to deal with, Everquote is definitely worth trying. 

Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes: Get Online and Compare Those Quotes

Searching for homeowners insurance doesn’t have to stress you out. Just put your computer and mobile devices to work for you, and you’ll be getting competitive quotes on policies that are worth considering in no time. Then, after you shopped around a bit, you will be able to choose your new homeowners policy with confidence. 

Enjoy our compare home insurance quotes article?

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