Chargebee Review

Chargebee Review [Pricing, Plans, Competitors & Alternatives 2022]

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Chargebee Review

Subscription-based businesses have become more and more popular nowadays. Approximately 15% of all online shoppers have signed up to receive a monthly subscription. Chargebee is an easy-to-use solution for subscription-based businesses, regardless of whether they are start-ups or already established companies.

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What Is Chargebee?

Chargebee is a plug-and-play type of business solution and it is cloud-based. Companies from all industries use the service in order to automate their billing processes; the platform allows its users to set payment frequencies, after which Chargebee asks customers to make the payments.

The pricing models available can be one-time payments, recurring, or usage-based, suitable for any type of business and industry. Chargebee has a user-friendly interface with a smooth API that smoothens development and easy integration.

It is a complex, yet extremely flexible tool with a billing system aimed to boost efficiency, performance, and organize a wide range of tasks, such as promotions, solve billing problems, and easy payment collections.

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Chargebee Logo

What Does Chargebee Do?

In short, Chargebee is a tool used to match customers with a subscription plan and a billing method to make sure that the business receives each payment automatically. Another option is to set up usage-based payments, so customers pay only for as much as they use or make one-time payments.

This allows business owners to choose the model that best suits their needs and the business model. A major highlight of Chargebee is the ease of use. There is no web developer required as the solution is straightforward to implement using any payment gateway. In addition to this, the service can also be used for marketing purposes as it can run discounts and promotions.

Finally, the Chargebee trial is a feature of the tool that allows businesses to set a number of free days on accounts before the paid subscription begins. These are not related to the plan price or the regular billing cycle. Once the trial is over, Chargebee automatically starts billing the accounts.

More of our Chargebee review is below.

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Chargebee Invoicing

Chargebee can automate the entire invoicing process from managing new subscriptions to the entirety of payments between your business and the customer. In addition to this, it can also send emails to buyers regarding their payment status.

The SaaS generates invoices each time the plan is created, updated, or renewed. There are other features available, too:

  • Invoice regeneration option;
  • Unbilled charges;
  • Invoices can also have add-ons;
  • Additional charges can be included.

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Chargebee Reporting

The Chargebee reporting system is used to generate business reports. The dedicated section displays statistics of the entire account using data related to billing, collections, and all of your transactions.

The reports are colorful so they can be interpreted with ease, and they also display “tooltips” when the mouse is placed over each graph. These allow you to use advanced filters and ranges to find specific data.

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Chargebee Pricing

Chargebee Pricing

Chargebee pricing plans are Rise, Scale, and Enterprise. All of them can be paid for either monthly or annually, while the latter frequency comes with a significant discount.

In the case of using Chargebee for startups, the Rise plan is $249 per month when paid annually or $299 per month when billed each month. It is suitable for high-growth businesses with approximately $600,000 in revenues per year.

Some of the features of the plan include:

  • Up to 10 users
  • Tax in different regions
  • Unlimited payment gateways
  • SaaS metrics
  • Different integrations, such as Xero, QuickBooks, Avalara, and others. 

The Scale plan is either $549/month billed annually or $599/month for a monthly subscription. It is suitable for businesses with more than $900,000 in revenues per year and it includes all the features of the Rise plan.

In addition to this, there are advance invoices, custom user roles, up to 25 users, multiple tax profiles, Intacct and NetSuite integrations, priority phone support, among others. 

The last plan is fully customizable, so there is no standard pricing unless you contact Chargebee for a quote. Generally, this plan is suitable for larger businesses with more complex needs in terms of billing, payments, and compliance.

The Enterprise plan also comes with unlimited users and premium customer support. 

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Chargebee Competitors

Chargebee – Competitors

Chargebee Vs Stripe

Stripe is a solution for developers who need to accept credit cards on the internet. Both Stripe and Chargebee offer payment services, but Stripe has a different target market.

The alternative is suitable for developers who require payments without a merchant account or a payment gateway – the service can handle direct payouts to the bank account, subscriptions, and more.

The payment plan is also different as Stripe charges 2.9% and $0.30 per each transaction instead of a monthly or annual fee.

Swipesum helps businesses negotiate better payment gateway rates.

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Chargebee vs Recurly

Recurly offers similar services, albeit more restricted. The service allows for advance invoices, write-off invoices, excess payments, and others.

On the other hand, it does not have any customizable tax settings, customization of invoices, billing, and many others. 

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Chargebee Vs Zuora

Zuora offers a billing and subscription solution and is quite similar to Chargebee. Invoices can be customized, there is a subscription management portal available to all clients, and it is easy to change the plan, add services, or remove them.

They also have a simple reporting system for business owners; on the other hand, Chargebee is easier to understand and use, so it is better suited for beginners or anyone who needs an intuitive data model. 

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Chargebee Review: Summary

Finding the right solutions for your business is not a straightforward task. This is even more relevant for subscription businesses where timely payments, collections, and accounting are extremely important. 

Chargebee allows you to integrate all the other software you already rely on, such as Xero, NetSuite, and QuickBooks, simplifying your workflow and boosting efficiency.

Even more, Chargebee is perhaps the most popular subscription tool on the market, so they provide multiple language support, excellent customer service, and many more. Alternatives to Chargebee are not so easy to use or customizable. 

This is one of the main options for businesses that work with other leading platforms, such as Shopify or even Zendesk. Despite its relatively high price point, Chargebee can be the right tool to improve the bottom line of your business.

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