Business Insurance Quotes

Business Insurance Quotes [Compare Quotes Online & Near Me 2022]

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Business Insurance Quotes

If you’re getting ready to launch your own business or are already running one, make sure you don’t forget about insurance. Business insurance is critical to protect your livelihood from all types of risks, from loss of property or work capacity to the threat of lawsuits or litigation.

However, despite how critical it is to have, business insurance can also be expensive, too. If money is tight, you will no doubt want to get the insurance coverage you need for the best price possible. 

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Compare Business Insurance Quotes Online

Compare Business Insurance Quotes Online

Thankfully, it is easier than ever to search for insurance and compare prices on various business insurance policies. There are numerous websites that allow you to input some basic information about your business which will generate competitive insurance quotes for you.

These sites are a great tool for you to use as you embark on your effort to insure your company.

Here are some great websites you should bookmark today so that you can compare business insurance quotes when you’re ready. 

Insurance Quotes For Business

Take a look at some of the more popular sites below if you are looking for a business insurance instant quote.


As you begin your search for effective affordable business insurance, one of the first websites you should visit is Coverhound.

Coverhound is an insurance comparison site that lets you shop for a wide variety of business insurance on its platform, including general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, business owners policy insurance (BOP), professional liability insurance, and many other types of coverage your company may need; they even offer insurance comparisons for policies that will protect your company from cyber-attacks.

You can input your data online to generate a comparison quote, or even call and talk to one of Coverhound’s business insurance specialists to determine the coverage you need and get your quotes. 


Another top business insurance comparison website you should bookmark is Insureon. Insureon is a simple, easy-to-use platform that can help you find the exact type of business insurance coverage you need.

The site is truly a one-stop-shop for your business insurance search and can help you in your search or virtually any type of coverage that you would need for your business.

Like many other insurance comparison sites, Insureon has you fill out some very basic information about your business and upload it via online forms; the entire process is quick, and only takes 10-15 minutes, after which it will generate comparison quotes for you to review.

An Insureon customer representative will also be available to talk you through each quote and provide overall advice about purchasing business insurance coverage too, which is especially helpful for new entrepreneurs who are buying business insurance for the first time. 


Bizinsure is another business insurance comparison website you will definitely want to check out. The company is licensed as a broker in all 50 states and can be a great place to comparison shop for general liability, business owner’s policy (BOP), professional liability, and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. 

In most cases, your ability to get several quotes from Bizinsure on the insurance coverage you’re looking for is really fast; you simply enter your basic information one time on the Bizinsure website, which will then take your data and generate several business insurance policy quotes for you to compare; if you decide to get the coverage, you can then choose to purchase the coverage for the policy and rate that you think works best for you. 


When it comes to shopping for and managing your business insurance, Coverwallet could be a great resource for your company.

Like many of the other websites already discussed, Coverwallet can generate quotes on important business insurance policies including BOP, general liability, workers’ compensation, commercial automobile, medical malpractice, and cyber liability.

It also has a team of dedicated business insurance specialists that you can talk to at any time to determine exactly the type of coverage you need to protect your business.

When you do eventually purchase one or more business insurance policies, you can also use this platform’s digital wallet feature to manage and keep track of them, too, which is yet another reason you should check out Coverwallet. 

Simply Business

If you’re a really small business with modest revenue and few employees, such as a landscaper or lawn care company, a carpenter, or a painter, your insurance needs may be simple, and you will probably want to find the best basic coverage you can afford.

Simply Business is a great option for sole proprietors and other so-called microbusinesses. The platform specializes in general liability and professional liability insurances to small businesses or self-employed business professionals.

The Simply Business website is, well, really simple to use; you can enter some initial information about your company and the type of work it does, and within about ten minutes or so you will have several business insurance quotes to compare and choose from.

This is a great website to use if you want to shop for and get the most affordable insurance you can as soon as possible. 

Business Insurance Quotes: Get the Coverage You Need Now

Business insurance is critical to protecting your company, but it can be tricky to find the coverage you need at rates you can afford. So, if you’re looking for the best business insurance that’s out there, consider using these websites, and start comparison shopping for good business insurance policies today.  

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