Brightpearl Review

Brightpearl Review [Software Reviews, Competitors, & Pricing 2022]

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Brightpearl Review

Brightpearl Inc is a complex platform created to streamline numerous business processes.

It is an omnichannel solution designed for retail companies in order to manage customers, inventory, and suppliers, among others.

One of its main highlights is the real-time status of your revenues, customer engagement levels, and other important aspects of your business, allowing you to make better business decisions using real-time data.  

Onto our Brightpearl review!

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About Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a software used in the retail industry to manage orders, reporting, inventory, and customer data, among others, all of them corroborated in only one easy-to-use platform.

The software provides real-time reporting on customer engagement, product profitability by SKU, cash flow, and many more. 

In addition to this, users benefit from bountiful Brightpearl integrations, including Shopify, Bigcommerce, and numerous online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, offering access to numerous channels to ease business growth.

Brightpearl software further benefits from built-in accounting, Brightpearl POS, and numerous detailed insights into customer management, channels, and SKU.

The software has also partnered with numerous shipping carriers, such as Shipstation and Shiptheory, which guarantee timely and accurate shipments. 

Brightpearl Logo

Brightpearl Implementation – How Does It Work?

Brightpearl software is an omnichannel platform, so it might take up to 10 weeks to implement it for a typical retailer who uses common channels, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon, and eBay.

However, each business is different, so each implementation is unique, too. The platform uses a personalized project plan in order to help businesses integrate the omnichannel solution. 

A team of skilled business consultants will help the business implement the solution, starting from the demonstration stage and all the way to project launch.

Several checkpoints will be established in order to review the process, ensuring that Brightpearl’s customers fulfill their goals.

Their analysts then ensure that all data is accurate, uniform, and follows a logical structure that aims to boost business performance.

Their skilled consultants help to advise the customers regarding the best practices, such as how to import customer data and manage it efficiently. 

Another part of the implementation is testing. The consultants will check each connection with e-commerce sites and online marketplaces, ensuring that the integrations are flawless.

In addition to this, they also advise on potential other integrations with third-party services, showing the user how to streamline shipping and delivery by using ShipStation or Shiptheory apps. 

Brightpearl Support

Brightpearl support is one of the best highlights provided, given the complexity of the omnichannel platform. Companies located in the US and the UK benefit from a complete support package provided by domestic customer service teams. There is no limit to the technical requests one can send. 

There is phone support available for 16 hours per day. In case of assistance required outside this time, Brightpearl help can be contacted via email 24/7, and they have an average response time of less than half an hour. 

Finally, Brightpearl has an excellent knowledge center on its website. Users benefit from training videos, detailed documentation, and access to a helpful community of users.

Companies that require extra support or training for accounting, integrations, or sales order management can buy additional support packages. 

Brightpearl Pricing

Brightpearl pricing is variable, depending on the size and needs of each business. As a result, potential customers must directly contact the team in order to get a quote.

In general, there are two pricing plans available, although the customization options are unlimited. 

The first, basic plan is ideal for retailers with less than 1,500 monthly orders, while the second plan is for businesses with more than 1,500 orders per month. The basic option allows for up to five users and five channels; the second plan is unlimited in terms of channels and users.

Finally, only the more expensive plan allows for POS and warehouse management. 

Brightpearl pricing:

  • Variable plans based on orders per month

Brightpearl Services

The basic, limited plan comes with 5 users and 5 sales channels. This option is suitable for small and middle-sized retailers. Some of the main features include inventory management, modular order management, integrated real-time accounting, integrations with e-commerce sales channels, and supplier management, among others. 

The higher-priced plan is a complex cloud solution for mid-market companies that receive thousands of orders per month through different sales channels. Also known as Brightpearl ERP, it is a suitable alternative for any other generic system, and consists of a thorough implementation with ongoing training, ensuring that customers get the most of their services. 

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Brightpearl Competitors

Brightpearl Competitors

Below are some of the Brightpearl competitors and alternatives.

BrightPearl Vs Netsuite

NetSuite is a complex solution that focuses on accounting and finance but also embeds inventory and e-commerce tools. If you already have financial management software, NetSuite might not bring much value. On the other hand, Brightpearl offers everything related to inventory management, app integrations, and it is specially dedicated to retailers. In this industry, Brightpearl ERP surely shines and stands out from other competitors. 

Brightpearl vs ChannelAdvisor

ChannelAdvisor purports to help retailers to engage with their consumers and boost fulfillment.

Brightpearl is a more complex solution because, apart from customer engagement and fulfillment, it also offers numerous tools for managing sales, inventory, accounting, planning, reporting, replenishment, and many more.

Some of the highlights of ChannelAdvisor are email marketing and POS services. 

Veeqo vs Brightpearl

Veeqo is an excellent choice for managing and growing a retail business. They offer complete control over purchases, shipping, tracking orders, warehouse management, and many more.

Brightpearl, on the other hand, requires third-party apps to handle some of these features, such as shipping. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

How much does Brightpearl cost?

Brightpearl pricing is variable and is based on orders per month.

Is there a Brightpearl demo?

Yes, you can book a Brightpearl demo here.

Summary: Brightpearl Review

Brightpearl is an excellent choice for retailers who have a minimum of two sales channels. The more channels the business uses, the more useful Brightpearl becomes by simplifying all of the retail processes.

In general, businesses that already expanded to more than two sales channels have passed the early stages in their development, so it might not be a great choice for a start-up company with limited needs and finances.

As a small business, it is best to start with only one sales channel and, as it becomes more profitable, expand to others. This is where choosing an omnichannel service provider like Brightpearl can make a significant difference.

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