BQE Core Review

BQE Core Review [CRM, Training, Support, & Pricing 2021]

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BQE Core Review

Since its establishment in 1995, BQE has helped numerous businesses to improve their bottom line and productivity. Despite its consistent growth, the company still functions similar to a start-up with the purpose of listening to all of their clients’ problems and offering them viable solutions.

BQE now works with businesses from accounting, architecture, consulting, and many other industries. BQE Core is one of their main business solutions that helps companies from all over the world to streamline their processes and improve their performance. 

Onto our QBE Core review!

What is BQE Core?

BQE Core software is a business management software with a wide range of functions, including project management, tracking, billing, and even accounting solutions.

It is designed by industry experts in order to automate tedious, repetitive tasks, help them centralize information, and offers critical information for decision-makers. 

BQE core is cloud-based, so it is always up-to-date and can be accessed on the go. In addition to this, the pricing model is extremely flexible by allowing customers to pay only for the functions they need, not for a pre-determined package. 


The system is very comprehensive and supports numerous functions and features:

  • Simplified time management and expense management;
  • BQE Core project management helps to keep employees and budget on the right track;
  • Billing management that reduces payment delays;
  • All accounting tasks and financial transactions are in one place;
  • Can be used via mobile phones;
  • Numerous other integrations are available for quick and easy access.

BQE Core software has a highly customizable dashboard that allows the user to filter and display only relevant data updated in real-time. This can also be shared with other users. 

The billing option supports a plethora of methods, including manual, automatic, progress, or even custom. There are numerous invoice templates that can also be personalized, and there is an option to send one or more invoices in a single e-mail. 

More than 200 reports are available regarding expenses, activity, workflow, billing, gross margin, and others. Each of them can be personalized – either changing current templates or creating a new report.

Afterward, they can be exported to Excel or Microsoft Word, emailed directly, or saved as a PDF for easy retrieval at a later date. Some of the main integrations available are QuickBooks Online, Xero, Dropbox, and Google Drive. 

The BQE Core app mirrors the comprehensive online platform and allows users to track their businesses on-the-go. It displays expenses, receipts, the ability to view, create, or send invoices, and see all of the reports using a mobile phone. 



BQE Core CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is dedicated to service companies. One of the main highlights is that it is an all-in-one platform that can be fully customized to your business, unlike other one-size-fits-all software.

All elements can be custom-made to fit any industry, while the user-based security offers the opportunity to manage user permissions on nearly all screens. 


BQE Core HR (Human Resources) helps companies to compile all employee data, track their performance, benefits, and even growth, all critical success factors for any business. The platform is also used to track employees’ health, training, safety, achievements, milestones, and many more. 

It significantly decreases the time spent on paperwork, so you can spend more time on training and mentoring employees. As a result, businesses using this system state that they enjoy the opportunity to easily track high-performing employees and identify and address weaknesses. 

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BQE Core Training

Such an abundance of features could be seen as cumbersome for users with little or no experience. Fortunately, BQE has a broad array of training courses designed by software specialists.

BQE Core training includes webinars, on-site visits, online training, and more. Apart from tailored courses, BQE also offers open training where users can express their own needs and concerns related to the software. 

BQE Core training courses are suitable for anyone in your business, including accountants, principals, managers, and staff. There is a wide array of topics addressed, such as billing, time, and expenses management, so that the whole team has a strong foundation. 

BQE experts also offer custom, one-on-one training sessions. These can be tailored to specific needs or requests and a team of experts is dedicated to helping you establish or define objectives, best practices, and how to achieve them, and more.

Finally, BQE provides on-site training; their team of experts can attend scheduled appointments at a pre-defined location, and answer all of your questions.

QBE Core Pricing

BQE Core Pricing

The basic version of the software is $7.59 per user per month. The package comes with mobile phone applications, expense and time tracking, and time-off management.

More advanced modules and features can be added for extra charges. Prospective customers can request a quote using their most desired features and the team replies within 30 minutes.

BQE also offers a 15-day free trial. 

BQE Core Customer Service

There is a broad knowledge base that offers useful information; apart from the comprehensive FAQ section, BQE core videos can be easily accessed for straightforward instructions.

These range from getting started with BQE core to data migration and numerous integrations. The BQE community is very supportive, allowing users to ask questions and share solutions.

BQE Core Support

The team can be contacted via email at [email protected], or via phone by dialing (310) 602-4030 at any time. 

BQE Core Alternatives

BQE Core Vs ArchiOffice

ArchiOffice is another software solution offered by BQE. Although it is less expensive than Core, it does not support such a broad array of features.

ArchiOffice offers limited functionality in terms of dashboards, performance metrics, addresses per employee or vendor, it lacks payroll settings, and the client management system is also limited compared to Core by BQE software.

Both types of software are suitable for businesses of all sizes; however, Core might be suitable for more complex needs or growing businesses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

What are some of the BQE Core integrations?

BQE Core integrates with the following software and apps:

  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Stripe
  • Google Drive
  • MYOB Essentials
  • Xero
  • Microsoft 365
  • Clear Spider
  • QuickBooks
  • Box
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • LawPay
  • Sage 50Cloud

BQE Core Review: Summary

All in all, BQE Core is a comprehensive business solution that integrates all processes. It helps to boost performance and efficiency by decreasing the time spent on repetitive tasks, collects and displays all useful data in one user-friendly platform, while the pricing plan is fully customizable.

One of their unique selling points highlighted in our BQE Core review is perhaps the broad array of training resources available, and the possibility to schedule custom meetings. This way, each unique business can cater to its own needs and meet performance objectives. 

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